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    Geeky News is a content platform geared towards bringing readers insightful and impartial content covering the latest innovations and advances within the technology industry today. We aim to help companies get noticed while also keeping the readers informed of what’s happening in the world of technology.

    All of the content found on our website has been thoroughly researched by our expert team of authors, and compiled together with the reader in mind. We cover topics involving every aspect of technology from SaaS and other software companies, to cryptocurrency and advancements within the gaming industry. If it’s considered to be ‘geeky’, we’ll cover it.

    Our team are passionate about various aspects of tech, and we have hired people who compliment each other in areas the other is not particularly strong with. We’re always looking to expand our team so if you have a unique skill set that you feel you could provide more insight with, or simply have a strong foot in a specific sector of the technology industry, get in touch to see if you can write for us.

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