Accouter Announces Residential Interior Design Services in Dubai

    Leading luxury interior design studio, Accouter, has brought its bespoke residential interior design services to clients in Dubai.

    “Accouter strives to achieve the impossible, to exceed the expectations of luxury design for all those who appreciate it,” explains a spokesperson from Accouter. “We sit aside those who have created a benchmark for luxury living, including trendsetters, tastemakers, and industry leaders.”

    Renowned in the luxury interior design industry for offering second-to-none design services, Accouter is committed to helping its clients bring their dream homes to life.

    Accouter is a team of hand-picked interior designers, architects, and artisans who take pride in ensuring each project they take on is personable and seamless.

    As part of its effort to set a higher standard in the world of interior design, the experts at Accouter are always on hand to turn exclusive spaces into exquisite residences.

    scene with made in foreground looking out onto a balcony that overlooks the water.

    Accouter’s residential interior design service in Dubai is a five-stage process that includes a) concept creation, b) interior architecture, c) interior design, d) art acquisition, and e) project management.

    The experts at the studio start each project with a conversation with the client to ensure the final outcome closely meets their expectations. 

    When it comes to interior architecture, the expert architects at Accouter ensure no constraints can hold their customers back. Through creative exploration, the designers can artistically manipulate an existing residence and turn it into a bespoke and timeless environment. 

    Accouter’s team of global designers is always on-hand to find the right pieces for a client’s space that can uphold the uniqueness of their luxury lifestyles. 

    Collaborating with its network of global artisans, the experts at Accouter curate a client’s residential space carefully to ensure their functional and stylistic needs are best met.

    In addition, by working closely with international galleries, the studio’s team of art connoisseurs procures the most suitable art pieces for a client’s Dubai residence. On top of that, they offer expert recommendations on major art commissions and investments. 

    Taking a fully customisable and holistic approach to project management, this multi-award-winning interior design studio allows customers to focus on the things that matter the most.

    As a member of Walpole and part of the Accouter Group of Companies (ACG) designs collective, Accouter is committed to creating bespoke interiors and FF&E with sustained excellence. 

    The company aims to help the British luxury industry lower its carbon footprint for a more sustainable future.

    Founded in 2012, Accouter is a British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) registered interior design company and closely follows the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stages of practice.

    Interested parties can learn more about Accouter’s luxury residential interior design in Dubai by visiting

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