AI-powered No-Code eXtended Reality (XR) SaaS Platform HyperSkill Recently Launched

    SimInsights announced today the general availability (GA) of HyperSkill, a no-code 3D simulation programme for Virtual and Augmented Reality and AI-powered training. HyperSkill was designed to allow instructional designers and subject matter experts to produce immersive, interactive, and intelligent training material without the need to master programming or technical abilities in machine learning and artificial intelligence. HyperSkill allows non-programmers to produce VR/AR/AI-powered content, automatically optimise it, and distribute it across many platforms and audiences, as well as gather and visualise experience data for evaluation and assessment. HyperSkill has been used by clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, and education industries and was created with their direct participation and input.

    3D Interactive, Immersive and Intelligent Simulation

    HyperSkill is a huge step in the direction of our objective to democratise the construction of 3D interactive, immersive, and intelligent simulations. Rajesh Jha, CEO and XR/AI Product Leader at SimInsights, said, “We empower instructional designers and subject matter experts (SME) to develop self-service, high-fidelity learning experiences.”

    Features and benefits of HyperSkill include:

    • No-code authoring: 10 times faster and cheaper to author compared to programming with 3D game engines
    • Reusable repository: Rapidly growing public repository of XR-ready 3D assets, including virtual environments, virtual persons and virtual objects
    • AI-Powered: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision to simplify authoring, enhance experiences and unlock new use cases
    • Cross Platform: Author once, deliver everywhere, including emerging AR/VR headsets as well as web, desktop and mobile platforms.
    • Multiplayer: Enables synchronous learning scenarios, including collaborative and instructor-led training.

    SimInsights‘ objective is to democratise the development of 3D interactive, immersive, and intelligent (I3) simulations. Few individuals are able to use simulations as a creative medium, despite our belief that they are the most effective learning tool. SimInsights allows users to collect and share their knowledge in the form of 3D immersive, AI-powered simulations. Numerous businesses are employing programmers with gaming engine and back-end knowledge to generate training material, which has been shown to be time-consuming, costly, and hazardous.

    Its software platform, HyperSkill, on the other hand, allows instructional designers and subject matter experts to develop, publish, and analyse 3D immersive, interactive, and intelligent (I3) material. Clients may reduce cost, risk, and time to value by a factor of 10x to 100x by removing the need to engage gaming engine engineers and 3D artists. Multiple successful deployments have been done in industry, healthcare, and higher education.

    HyperSkill is SimInsights’ VR/AR/AI-powered, cloud-based SaaS software application that enables corporate clients to shift their training and operations from conventional to immersive (XR), as well as from static to interactive and customised (AI-powered). Adopting VR/AR/AI as part of digital transformation yields a positive return on investment and increases employee engagement, retraining, and upskilling.

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