App8’s New Service Plan Transforms Foodservice

    App8 is formally altering its service model in response to its rise as a market leader in foodservice ordering.

    This summer, the firm that produces a contactless eating and omnichannel ordering system will publicly introduce its new service package, Order Anywhere.

    Previously, App8 offered several service bundles that corresponded to certain restaurant services.

    Now, App8 has bundled these services into a single offering, making it simpler for foodservice organisations to take advantage of what App8 has to offer.

    In the past two years, the foodservice industry has undergone a significant digital change, and the COVID-19 epidemic has hastened the consumer trend toward digital dining.

    In many instances, guests will not only expect to be able to use their own devices to explore, order, and pay, but they will also demand it.

    Traditional dining places struggle to find their position in this new era due to personnel issues, hefty service prices, and ineffective operations.

    All of these contemporary issues can be resolved with the aid of contemporary digital eating tools.

    Fortunately, App8’s Order Anywhere service has grown into a digital ordering solution working with some of North America’s leading foodservice and entertainment organisations.

    The solution delivers everything a restaurant needs to offer diners an outstanding digital dining experience, regardless of where they place their orders.

    Due to its centrally managed menus and operations, it is scalable from a few locations to several hundred. And the highlight? The App8 service does not require additional signup or download processes.

    A small number of modern foodservice firms have adopted digital solutions, but the majority of the industry is trailing behind due to the abundance of options and its lack of knowledge of digital dining best practises.

    Many of the available options have not been studied in a post-pandemic situation, making it difficult to select the optimal solution from the available alternatives.

    App8 is distinguished by its comprehensive integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems and its dedication to working with existing service flows.

    No institution desires to add another device to the counter or conduct a training class for its personnel. App8’s service maintains the POS as the source of truth and requires minimal training and few service modifications.

    “This is the beginning of a new era for the typically slow-changing foodservice and entertainment businesses. Omnichannel digital eating is no longer a luxury for modern brands, but a necessity”.

    According to App8 CEO and co-founder Elias Hage. “Our solution operates as a bridge, allowing restaurants to rely on their existing service routines while eliminating friction points with new tools.

    As restaurants reopen for what should be the first bustling summer season in two years, the repercussions of the epidemic continue to pose a challenge to the foodservice sector.

    App8 is ready to aid businesses through the newest wave of pandemic-driven obstacles, such as workforce shortages, high operating expenses, and digital dining accessibility.

    App8 has positioned itself as a new authority in the digital eating sector across the United States and Canada by providing a strong and scalable dine-in experience for chain brands with a diverse variety of integrations.

    About App8

    App8 is a leading omnichannel ordering solution for foodservice brands that enables visitors to see digital menus, place dine-in, pickup, or delivery orders, and pay for their meals using just their smartphones.

    App8 collaborates with some of North America’s leading restaurant and entertainment organisations to provide value beyond contactless transactions through guest feedback, comprehensive reporting, and actionable insights.

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