Apple Opens “Next-Gen” Store At Battersea Power Station

    Apple has opened its cutting-edge “next generation” store at Battersea Power Station—its first venture of this kind in Europe. The store, located within the recently revitalised Battersea Power Station, not only serves as a retail hub but also reflects Apple’s commitment to accessibility, sustainability, and community engagement, according to Evening Standard.

    This iconic store—the eighth in London and 40th in the UK—has a design that incorporates enhanced accessibility and environmental sustainability features. According to the report in Evening Standard, the high-end features of the store include wider aisles for wheelchair users. It also has assistive loops made into fixtures for buyers with hearing issues. At the same time, the preservation of the original brick pillars adds to the historical significance of the site.

    The report highlights the slew of services Apple Battersea is going to offer. The store includes an Apple Pickup station for seamless “click and collect” experiences. It also has a Genius Bar for personalised technical support, and a dedicated Watch Studio to explore the latest in Apple Watch innovation.

    Tracey Hannelly, Apple’s senior director of worldwide retail engagement and marketing, discussed the significance of the new store. “Battersea Power Station is an iconic London landmark where Apple now has a home. So to have a store here feels really special, and the team are very proud to serve the community.”

    Marsha de Cordova, MP for Battersea, said, “It is fantastic that Apple has chosen Battersea to be home to its UK HQ and is now opening an Apple Battersea store. Apple’s investment in Battersea is a huge sign of confidence in our thriving local economy. It shows that Battersea is open to business and is becoming one of the leading areas in London for jobs, growth, and opportunities.”

    Battersea Power Station is a historic Grade II* listed landmark. It officially opened its doors as London’s newest and most captivating shopping, luxury living, and leisure destination in October 2022. This iconic London treasure, along with its surrounding area, has undergone a tremendous transformative journey. A symbol of technological advancement, it has been turned into a hub that seamlessly integrates technology, modern living, and sustainability. It stands as a testament to how heritage architecture can integrate modern technology. The inclusion of Apple’s “next generation” store within the premises exemplifies this synergy, offering visitors an experience that blends cutting-edge tech with the architectural grandeur of the power station.

    In fact, when the Minister of Communications and Digital for Malaysia, YB Ahmad Fahmi bin Mohamed Fadzil attended the London Tech Week event, he was given an exclusive tour of the recently restored Battersea Power Station.

    In addition, Battersea Power Station’s transformation embodies an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, positioning it as a global exemplar for eco-conscious urban development. The project’s ethos encompasses energy-efficient designs, the utilisation of recycled materials, and the integration of eco-friendly elements throughout the development.

    Battersea Power Station represents a fusion of heritage, sophistication, and potential financial gains that resonates with affluent buyers seeking both a distinctive lifestyle and smart investment. The iconic status of the Grade II* listed landmark, seamlessly integrated with contemporary design, offers an unparalleled living experience. Exclusive amenities, high-quality finishes, and advanced technologies cater to the buyers’ discerning tastes. In addition, the development’s limited availability and potential for strong capital appreciation make it a coveted investment opportunity.

    Around 3,400 apartments are planned to be built in the area for an estimated 28,000 residents. In line with the plan, in 2022, Battersea Power Station recorded residential sales totalling £480 million. Additionally, properties worth £1.1 billion were claimed to be transacted and handed over as the community now encompasses over 2,500 residents.

    According to reports, the multi-million-pound luxury apartments in Battersea Power Station are mainly bought by international investors, with around 20% of the buyers hailing from the Gulf. With uber-rich international buyers investing in properties in the area, the demand for high-end property management services such as The London Management Company is also rising. Expert services ensure a client’s property is well-managed and always ready for their arrival.

    As for the newly opened Apple Store, it signifies the tech giant’s commitment to innovation, setting a new standard for retail experiences in Europe and further strengthening its ties with the City of London, according to the report.

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