Augie Credit Card, The New Way to Build Credit For Free

    The Augie Credit Card is powered solely by the Mastercard network and allows users to build credit from their existing monthly bills without paying fees, interest, or setting aside additional funds.

    GetAugie Inc. is a revolutionary payment platform that enables users to establish a positive, personal credit history based on their existing monthly bills, has announced the launch of the Augie Credit Card, as well as the launch of its new app and website.

    Since the program’s debut in late 2021, thousands of users have registered for the Augie Credit Card waiting list.

    Now, with the release of the Augie App, these users can earn cash-equivalent digital rewards that can be used to offset monthly bills and, eventually, for general spending on their Augie Credit Card.

    The Augie Credit Card, which is powered by the Mastercard network, includes the following innovative features:

    No interest, no fees, and no penalties: The Augie Credit Card is available to anyone who wishes to establish credit history, improve credit, or understand how credit works.

    The card is completely free to use and no credit check is required to qualify.

    Easy To Earn Rewards

    Users of the Augie Credit Card receive digital rewards automatically upon enrollment and participation in the reward programme.

    The Augie digital rewards have a monetary value that can be converted to dollars and applied as a credit to the cardholder’s Augie account.

    This allows users to lower their bills while simultaneously establishing a positive credit history.

    Cardholders can gain near-immediate access to the Augie Credit Card and begin making purchases online, in-app, and at the point of sale by adding it directly to their mobile wallet from the Augie App.

    “A credit profile is among the most essential components of financial inclusion. Existing methods of establishing a credit history leave millions of people without alternatives.”

    “We are determined to resolve this issue. As more consumers seek ways to establish credit without incurring debt, the Augie Credit Card provides a simple and cost-free means to do so ” said Amit Thakur, CEO GetAugie.

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