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    Mikey is a geek with a passion for all things tech. He enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in a variety of industries and is particularly geared towards technology that changes the world.

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    Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners: The Benefits of Efficient IVR Systems in Banking and Utilities

    We live in a world where customer service is very, very important. If someone leaves your business feeling dissatisfied, you can be sure they’ll discuss it on social media. And, brand loyalty is not a thing anymore.  So, if you upset your patrons, they will make their way to your competitor. After slagging you off on Twitter (or X, as it’s called now), of course. Impeccable customer...

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    Orbotic Systems Showcases New Space Debris Cleaning Technology

    Today, Orbotic Systems announced the successful launch of the De-orbit Drag Device (D3) on the SpaceX Falcon 9 mission CRS-25. The D3, which was...

    Dos and Don’ts of Project Management Software Selection in 2022

    Software Finder is hosting a free webinar on selecting project management software for 2022. When investing in a tool in a world following a...

    EnCirca Launches Industry-First Web3 Solution to Protect Brands on Blockchain

    EnCirca, a 20-year ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, has created the industry's first Web3 trademark search engine, AltRoots. AltRoots allows brand trademark owners to monitor...’s Cycle Partner Program has Launched, an emerging platform for low-ops application deployment, is happy to announce the introduction of the Cycle Partner Program. Cycle is dedicated to make...

    Control Your Grill From Your Smartphone with the Nexgrill App

    Nexgrill, a renowned designer and producer of outdoor cooking goods, has introduced a breakthrough new wireless technology that enables grill masters to operate their...

    Aqurus Launches Construction Software Resource centre

    An automated construction management software resource centre has been launched by Aqurus in order to assist builders and land developers in getting things done...

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