Beginner Traders Can Become Experts Using This AI-Based Software, an innovative AI-based financial market research tool, will allow novice traders with minimal or no formal trading education to trade like professionals in the quickest time feasible. Oliver Kell, a professional trader, CMT, and winner of the 2020 US Investing Championship with a record 941 percent return, collaborated on the development of the platform.

    An estimated eighty to ninety percent of retail merchants fail. The epidemic produced around twenty million new merchants. However, there is no official schooling for retail trading, and retail traders have a considerable technological gap compared to institutional traders. was developed by AI Industry Veterans and Professional Traders to cover these gaps. The platform employs AI to teach novice traders how to trade methodically and consistently, like the pros.

    “Retail traders had to use too many different software because the solutions were fragmented,” says Kell. “ now provides a complete solution with all the tools that traders need in one place and with a great UI.”

    Retail traders have always been at a technical disadvantage compared to institutional traders, who have access to software with superior automation. The majority of retail trading software is developed for skilled traders who do manual analysis and involves a substantial learning investment.

    To level the playing field for retail investors, teamed with Vishal Mehta, CMT, a veteran of the financial sector with expertise at institutional software firms like as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters (now Refinitiv). Mehta is co-chair of CMT India and an independent trader at present. “Retail traders need access to some of the advanced technology available to institutional traders,” he says. “But they need it with a simple interface and automation to help them do more in the little time they get to trade outside of their day jobs. is designed for that.”

    While institutional traders get thorough training and certification, retail traders have no formal education. The epidemic spawned around 20 million new merchants worldwide. But the majority of new traders enter the market by attempting to imitate others, commonly known as herding. collaborated with Sofien Kaabar, an institutional FX strategist, CFA, and author of many books on a systematic/programmatic approach to trading, to enable new retail investors trade systematically for success. “In trading, consistency is more crucial than a single huge win,” he explains. “For trading to be consistent, a systematic strategy is required. automates the fundamental and technical analyses required for systematic trading.” was founded by AI industry veterans Ruban Phukan, Shyamantak Gautam, Vishal Katkar, and Vineet Kashyap. They have decades of expertise at Yahoo, IBM, JP Morgan, Charles Schwab, and other companies. Phukan and Gautam co-founded DataRPM, a pioneer in Enterprise AI for Industrial IoT, where they worked together. In 2017, Progress Software Corporation [Nasdaq: PRGS] bought DataRPM.

    “We got into trading as we felt there is more opportunity in the market than passive investing can yield,” says Phukan, CEO of “But when we interviewed expert traders, we learned that they have spent years and decades training their eyes on charts and data. They use multiple software and do a lot of manual analysis daily. This is a difficult routine to follow for most new and part-time traders. We started to use technology to automate some of the manual learning and research steps for ourselves and others like us who are new to trading.” is presently accessible exclusively via invitation or referral.’s chief operating officer, Gautam, explains, “We want to cultivate a community of retail traders intent on methodically honing their art.”

    In addition, Researchfin will shortly introduce a series of Masterclasses for novice traders to learn firsthand from seasoned professionals.

    About the company 

    Researchfin LLC is the business behind, a Financial Market Intelligence platform for traders to learn and explore trade ideas that is powered by artificial intelligence. It offers a natural language-based interface to scan the market for possibilities in real time. The software offers a variety of technical and fundamental scanner templates, backtesting, automatic insights from fundamental data, and chart automation for technical analysis. Currently, it is accessible on the US Stocks, Indian Stocks, Crypto, and Forex markets. For further details, please visit

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