Leading Background Screening and Employee Verification Solution Streamlining Pre-Employment Identity Checks

    Britton Management Profile (BMP), a leading background screening and employee verification solution, has forged a strategic partnership with Yoti, a global pioneer in digital identity verification.  According to Yoti, this momentous partnership symbolises a significant milestone in the HR and pre-employment screening sector. By combining BMP’s extensive experience in background screening with Yoti’s state-of-the-art digital identity technology, the companies aim to reshape and optimise the landscape of pre-employment identity checks.

    In today’s job market, remote work and hiring processes are common. Therefore, efficient, secure, and accurate identity verification is very important. Identity checks, often regarded as the first line of defence in hiring, are instrumental in safeguarding an organisation’s security. They help ensure that the individuals being hired are who they claim to be, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent applications. Moreover, identity checks play a pivotal role in maintaining legal compliance. Employers must adhere to stringent regulations governing the employment eligibility of candidates. In the United States, for instance, Form I-9 mandates the verification of an individual’s identity and employment authorisation. Conducting thorough identity checks ensures adherence to such legal requirements, safeguarding organisations from potential legal penalties.

    However, in an era shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional methods of identity verification, often reliant on physically inspecting documents, faced unprecedented challenges. Organisations were compelled to adapt swiftly and seek innovative solutions to ensure the authenticity of candidates’ identities.

    The partnership between BMP and Yoti is expected to help both companies respond to this paradigm shift. The report anticipates the collaboration to augment identity verification by streamlining and securing the pre-employment screening process. With this partnership, BMP aims to enhance its services and offer clients a simplified, secure, and hassle-free pre-employment identity verification process. Yoti’s secure and tamper-proof digital identity verification ensures that job candidates’ identities are rigorously authenticated, effectively mitigating the risk of fraudulent applications. Furthermore, by integrating Yoti’s technology into BMP’s screening process, the time it takes to perform pre-employment identity checks will be greatly reduced. This will allow companies to make hiring decisions more quickly and with better information. In addition, candidates will benefit from a seamless and user-friendly experience, simplifying the onboarding process and improving overall applicant satisfaction. 

    Candidates are directed to an online system where they can submit their identity document and a selfie for an identity check. The legitimacy of each identity document is assessed by Yoti, enhancing the trustworthiness and dependability of pre-employment verifications. Furthermore, Yoti’s high-end identity check technology cross-references the selfie with the photo on the provided document to ensure they belong to the same individual.

    When speaking about this strategic partnership, Marty Britton, President and CEO at BMP, said, “As the ambassador to the background screening industry, the team at Britton Management Profiles is delighted to partner with Yoti for our Identity Verification checks. For close to 50 years we have ensured our clients know who they are hiring. This new service offering will continue to guarantee our clients make great hires.

    John Abbott, Chief Commercial Officer at Yoti, said, “We’re pleased to be working with Britton Management to improve, streamline and strengthen the way pre-employment checks are carried out. Digital identity checks offer benefits to candidates and employers. They are quicker, more convenient, and support remote working practices–which have become the norm for many. With less paperwork, stronger security, and a better recruitment experience, the benefits of digital identity verification are clear.”

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