Call Journey Introduces Worklife Hero

    Call Journey, a leading global provider of omnichannel Conversation Analytics as a service, recently announced the addition of a new employee experience analysis tool to its portfolio.

    Worklife Hero is a virtual meeting companion tool that helps measure and analyse the factors that influence employee retention, engagement, and performance, such as diversity and inclusion, psychological safety, and soft skills.

    Worklife Hero was created in response to the “Great Resignation” and changes in the Future of Work to shape a more positive workplace culture by analysing meetings for EX insights.

    Insights are compared to best practises in the field of people science. A panel of experts, including Professor Amy C. Edmondson, the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School and bestselling author of The Fearless Organization, guides the platform.

    Professor Edmondson is a true pioneer in psychological safety and organisational psychology, assisting businesses in identifying often-concealed barriers to success within the workplace culture.

    Worklife Hero uses real-time meeting analysis to provide an unobtrusive, continuous feedback loop, thereby empowering employees and leaders to improve soft skills, reshape work design, foster healthier cultures, and be the ultimate team player.

    Paul Humphrey, the chief executive officer of Call Journey, stated that employee health and well-being has rapidly become one of the top priorities for businesses around the world. DEI, mental health, and company culture are the primary concerns of the C-suite and HR executives.

    “We are proud to be able to leverage our extensive experience in assisting organisations in comprehending the true lived experience of their customers to assist them in comprehending the true lived experience of their employees. We aspire to have a genuine, positive impact on the ‘work life’ of everyone.”

    Employees are provided with personalised insights via their own dashboard, which are then aggregated and anonymized to provide team and company leaders with insights into overarching trends and key areas to focus on while protecting individual privacy.

    By delivering real, always-on, and genuine lived experience insights, organisational leaders can now obtain a significantly more accurate view of employee well-being than ever before.

    The platform is currently available and is compatible with both Zoom and MS Teams meeting platforms.

    About Call Journey

    Call Journey provides unmatched insights via Interaction AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help businesses better comprehend their customers and employees, allowing them to perform better.

    Call Journey specialises in speech and text analytics that augment human capabilities, ingesting, analysing, enriching, and scoring vast quantities of unstructured data while classifying and prioritising what matters.

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