Celebrating the Game-Changing Women and Their Contribution to the Design Industry

    In a recent post, Vogue celebrated the most influential female designers in the realm of interior design and real estate. To expand on this topic even further, here’s a list of some of the most influential female designers currently taking interior design and architecture to new heights.

    Kelly Wearstler

    With a bevy of commercial and residential projects stunningly reflecting her evocative skills, lifestyle designer Kelly Wearstler has successfully grown into a global voice through her exquisite designs.

    Since its founding, The Rug Company—Kelly’s luxury lifestyle brand and a collection of statement elements and products finished with great panache—has been synonymous with sophistication and soulful vibes.

    “There is always a sense of refinement but also a rawness to our projects, which brings that soulful spirit,” said Wearstler.

    Stella Gittins

    Better known for her unparalleled skill of blending ultra-luxury design with sophistication, Stella Gittins, the co-founder and Group Director at Accouter Group of Companies (AGC), helps transform the interior architecture of a space into a unique, timeless environment. 

    “Interiors and fashion tend to change side by side, with people investing a bit more in higher quality pieces that last over time, ” said Stella when asked about the evolution of design in response to lifestyle changes. “Rather than following trends, our designs for private clients are more timeless with items people will keep for generations. Across all our brands, we try to incorporate old forms of craft as well as things made in the UK.”

    Part of AGC and a proud member of Walpole, Accouter—a leading international interior design studio—helps drive sustainability in the luxury industry.

    A woman with tremendous creativity and reimaging skill, Stella is a trailblazer of success in an industry where women contribute, but men reign. 

    Blainey North

    ​Renowned for taking a contemporary visionary approach blended with high-end interior design skills and broad-ranging intellectual curiosity, Blainey North delivers luxury.

    “Without a doubt, it is important to acknowledge the past, present, and future female creative powerhouses that continue to define our world. Equally, from my perspective, it’s crucial that we don’t look to attach a gender to a piece of design-based, for example, on its form, colour or materiality,” said North. “None of which negates the contribution that incredible women continue to make.”

    India Mahdavi

    Iranian-French architect and interior designer, India Mahdavi has worked on a multitude of large-scale hospitality projects, collaborated with high-net-worth clients, and even launched her own furniture line that reflects her exceptional multilayered design skill.

    She is a doer and a relentless force for bringing change in the design era.

    Paola Navone

    Born in 1950, Milan-based architect-designer Paola Navone has become a formidable player in the design industry for her prolific, highly-stimulating state-of-the-art works. 

    A doer and design insurgent, Paola’s exceptional and malleable style is influenced by late-20th-century Italian metamodernism and the Thai concept of “tham ma da” (“every day,”), aiming to discover new uses for standardised, low-priced, and utilitarian items.

    When asked about her female approach to design, Navone said, “Sometimes women are more curious and attentive to the nuances, more intuitive and likely to grasp the non-rational and emotional part of reality…The female approach to creativity tends to be more delicate and careful.”

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