ClearCompany Announces Seamless New Bi-Directional Integration 

    ClearCompany, the leading talent management platform for talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, and planning and analytics, announced a new collaboration with UKG, a leading supplier of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today. With 250 technology and services partners, UKG offers one of the biggest and most collaborative partner ecosystems in the HCM market, with a focus on improving business results via improved employee experiences for all employees.

    With this partnership, ClearCompany joins other technology partners on the UKG Marketplace that share UKG’s goal of a seamless employee technology experience that places people at the heart of the workplace. ClearCompany and UKG users may take advantage of a seamless interface between the two software platforms.

    ClearCompany’s Chief Revenue Officer Brian Campbell said, “We are thrilled to join the UKG Marketplace and build a technical collaboration with UKG to provide users a smooth bi-directional connection.” This interface will ease the transfer of new hire data from ClearCompany to UKG Pro, saving our customers time and allowing them to concentrate on providing an exceptional onboarding experience for their new workers.

    With this new connection, HR teams using ClearCompany and UKG will be able to reduce mistakes and save time by eliminating duplicate data input. When a candidate’s status in ClearCompany is updated to “hired,” a new employee record is produced in UKG Pro. Clients of ClearCompany may request a bespoke integration if they want specific data fields or other capabilities.

    UKG solutions are designed using the UKG Life-work Technology# methodology. Life-work Technology is comprised of two components: people systems that motivate the workforce by enabling autonomy and flexibility, and by connecting people to their colleagues and roles with purpose; and work systems that assist businesses in thriving by enhancing productivity, enhancing teamwork, and providing more opportunities for people to support each other and their communities.

    Mike May, vice president of technology partnerships at UKG, said, “We aspire to develop lasting relationships with our clients that result in contemporary people experiences that anticipate employee demands beyond work and produce superior business results.” “By creating a highly engaged ecosystem of technology partners, like ClearCompany, we are able to contribute to the creation of a more streamlined and empowered technological experience.”

    ClearCompany’s tools and best practises for recruiting, retaining, and engaging hundreds of thousands of A-Players have assisted firms in achieving their goals for the last 18 years. They created and constructed a single platform that provide great headcount planning capabilities, unmatched recruiting and onboarding experiences, and performance management, employee engagement, and company-wide goal alignment that propels businesses ahead.

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