Control Your Grill From Your Smartphone with the Nexgrill App

    Nexgrill, a renowned designer and producer of outdoor cooking goods, has introduced a breakthrough new wireless technology that enables grill masters to operate their units from their cellphones. The company also wants to expand this management to other outdoor products.

    Neevo™ Smart Grills

    Nexgrill’s new Neevo™ Smart Grills include 455.8 square inches of total cooking space, two cooking zones with a combined 44,000 BTU, and an air fryer on the bigger model.

    Currently, the Nexgrill app links to the company’s Oakford Pellet Grills and Neevo Smart Grills, enabling customers to manage temperatures and functions from their smartphones using NEX-fiTM technology, which communicates over wi-fi or Bluetooth. Nexgrill intends to incorporate the technology onto further items in the future.

    “We foresee a revolutionary outdoor experience in which you can manage your grill, patio heater, and fire pit from your smartphone,” said Nexgrill Vice President of Marketing Ramsay Hawfield. You may unwind and take pleasure in the barbecue.

    The system connects with the grill’s digital SuretempTM controller, enabling the user to regulate the grill’s temperature, monitor up to four food temperature sensors simultaneously, and establish and monitor grill timers.

    In addition to providing easy access to recipes, tips, product manuals, guidelines, and support, the Nexgrill app may be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

    Visit for additional information on the Nexgrill app and NEX-fi technology.

    The Nexgrill

    Nexgrill is a major designer and producer of outdoor cooking and heating appliances with headquarters in Southern California.

    Nexgrill is the grilling and lifestyle brand where Everyone’s InvitedTM, whether it’s gas, charcoal, pellets, flat top griddles, portables, fryers, or accessories. Since over three decades ago, the firm has provided a vast selection of items for both experienced and novice grillers.

    Nexgrill is a portfolio company of the United States-based Global Leisure Investment Holdings, which focuses on developing and delivering innovative cooking and heating goods to customers worldwide. Please visit for further information or ideas for your next culinary masterpiece.

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