Creative Virtual and Service Management Group Team Up to Improve Customer Experience Through Conversational AI

    Creating an industry-first dynamic help capability is Creative Virtual‘s main reason behind its latest partnership with Service Management Group (SMG), a global leader in conversational artificial intelligence. As a result of this comprehensive product, companies can identify friction points, address issues in the moment, and boost conversion rates.

    Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) refers to technology that consumers may converse with, such as chatbots or virtual agents. They employ massive amounts of data, machine learning, and natural language processing to mimic human interactions, such as identifying speech and text inputs and interpreting their meanings across several languages.

    Conversational AI for Digital Customer Experience

    Digital customer experience (CX) strategies rely on conversational AI, which provides tailored, intelligent support services. The V-Person chatbot and virtual agent solutions from Creative Virtual provide clients with conversational and dependable self-service experiences using a combination of machine learning and natural language principles across all communication channels. The versatility of the technology enables virtually unlimited integration and customization options.

    Dynamic help combines V-Person conversational AI with SMG’s digital experience solution to provide consumers with real-time assistance when they encounter problems during their online shopping trip. The solution enables companies to direct customers to a customised chatbot to handle conversion issues as they arise. This results in superior digital experiences, which raise conversion rates and consumer engagement.

    “We are excited to be partnering with SMG on this powerful new capability,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “Dynamic assistance enables brands to leverage the flexibility of V-Person conversational AI to provide instant, contextual support at the exact moment help is needed. This can turn a possible purchase-ending issue into a positive experience and completed sale.”

    About Creative Virtual

    Creative Virtual is a conversational AI industry leader known for our almost two decades of experience and unrivalled skills. Our cutting-edge V-PersonTM virtual agent, chatbot, and live chat solutions combine people and artificial intelligence to provide consumers, employees, and contact centre agents with seamless, customised, scalable, and secure digital assistance. Leading worldwide enterprises rely on our award-winning technology and professional advice to enhance their support experience, lower costs, increase sales, and develop brand loyalty. Our worldwide workforce and broad partner network provide installation assistance in 40 languages throughout the world, allowing for both localised cooperation and multinational insights.

    About Service Management Group

    SMG is a leading supplier of experience management (XM), increasing value by transforming how organisations respond on consumer and employee data. SMG is the industry’s only software as a service (SwaS) provider, uniquely combining an enterprise platform with professional services to help companies earn new revenue, grow existing revenue, minimise churn + detractors, and improve operational efficiencies. To learn more about our customer, employee, and brand experience management solutions, please visit our website.

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