Creative Workflow Tools Now Available to Europeans

    Lytho, the brand and creative operations platform, announced today the European launch of its creative workflow tools. From creative briefs and project management through the approval process and reporting on creative operations, creative workflow assists creatives in bringing order and efficiency to the creative lifecycle. Lytho creative workflow differs from other project and task management software in that it is tailored to the specific requirements of creative and brand teams.

    “As European companies have begun shifting more creative work to in-house agencies, the volume and complexity of work requested of creative teams has grown while deadlines have shrunk and human resources remain flat,” said Lytho CEO Douglas Thede. “When we ask creatives working in the space, they’ll readily admit their environment is hectic and exhausting – creative workflow helps tame the chaos.”

    Powerful creative workflow tools

    Lytho, which has its European headquarters in the Netherlands, is well recognised in the region for its digital asset management (DAM) software. It added creative workflow tools to its product portfolio last year after combining with inMotionNow, a firm located in the United States. After the merger, both products were renamed as Lytho and now handle the complete creative lifecycle.

    As a result, the creative workflow software has a proven track record of success in the United States. Lytho has devoted clients in a variety of industries, including retail, higher education, consumer packaged products, insurance, and major sports teams. Lytho has worked extensively with European brand and creative teams since its merger to prepare creative process for wide access across the European Union (EU).

    Some of the major components of the creative workflow software include the following:

    • Project management that is innovative. Lytho creative workflow provides creative leaders with the tools they require to organise and manage all of their initiatives. These range from automated templates for creating projects, allocating work, and changing timetables to dynamic Gantt charts and Kanban boards that display the status of any project at any moment. With in-app and email notifications, the software keeps team members and stakeholders updated.
    • Review and approvals have been streamlined. Feedback in the review and approval process is frequently imprecise and supplied out of order for many creative teams. This hinders work and adds unnecessary stress on the team. Lytho overcomes this issue by routing proofs automatically via a customer-defined approval process. It consolidates input and ensures that the appropriate reviewer responds at the appropriate moment. It also includes in-app comments (e.g., @mention) for clarification, version control, automated reminders, and an audit trail describing the approval process, which increases responsibility and transparency for everyone involved. The review procedure is straightforward for stakeholders because it can be conducted on a mobile device.
    • Facilitate the creation of creative briefs and project requests. Too frequently, creative demands are thrown over the metaphorical wall to the creative — and they are often devoid of the required information. This challenge is solved by a library of dynamic creative request forms established over years of experience and the discovery of best practises. This enables creative teams to confidently begin each project, ensuring alignment, managing stakeholder expectations, and avoiding false starts and rework.

    The news made today is simply the latest illustration of the company’s success on both sides of the Atlantic. Lytho, for example, was recently awarded one of the three “top performing SaaS firms in the Netherlands” by MT/sprout, a technology startup and scaleup newspaper.

    An impartial research agency highlighted the company’s newly disclosed resource management features earlier this year in a new study. Finally, in late 2021, the Triangle Business Journal named the firm as one of the top ten “Best Places to Work” for the second year in a row.

    “The Lytho DAM solved many of the market challenges facing European creative teams on the post-production side of the creative lifecycle – storing, organizing, sharing, and re-using creative assets,” added Thede. “Now with creative workflow, we’re able to support the creative process further upstream – in essence providing greater support to the creative teams behind every brand.”

    About Lytho

    Lytho supplies brand and creative teams with resource management tools. We assist these teams in overcoming the inherent complexity that comes with managing several stakeholders, projects, and creative assets. Creative workflow and digital asset management are two of our hallmark offerings (DAM). From project intake through measurement, these technologies improve productivity and cooperation at every level of the creative process. More than 600 enterprise clients utilise our software to help calm the chaos and create a bigger economic impact by improving predictability, brand consistency, and, ultimately, creative outcomes. The SaaS-based solution is simple to deploy, straightforward, and supported by a world-class customer service and support team with locations in the United States and Europe. Visit us at for more details.

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