Data Strategy & Governance Expert, Agile Solutions, Discusses Modern Data Management

The firm responds to a recent article on how better governance is crucial to getting value from data and explains its "modernize, manage, and monetize" strategy.

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Milton Keynes, 9th Jan, 2023 — In today’s world, data has become extremely important. With vast quantities of information being generated, stored, and analyzed, it becomes increasingly essential to manage and use it effectively. 

BetaNews, a platform for technology news and analysis, recently published an article discussing this issue. The article posited that better data governance is essential for getting value from data.

The story was based on the findings of a survey conducted by Rocket Software, where over 500 IT professionals working in different industries across the US, UK, and APAC were questioned. Over 81% suggested that some of their data was considered “dark”.

Whilst everyone agreed that security was a top concern, respondents did say the ability to apply components such as automation and rules-based redaction could help them manage data better. About 62% of those polled felt these components would enable them to protect sensitive data, and 61% thought that could help them manage content types regardless of size or origin.

Around 81% of respondents who worked in larger organizations—with 1,000 to 4,999 employees—said they could gain a competitive advantage by automating their organization’s information security and compliance processes.

In essence, the article stated that, while compliance and security could not be overlooked, a robust content management solution was required to extract maximum value from business data.

Data Management provider, Agile Solutions, responded to this article by saying that being data-driven is not just adopting the latest technology or migrating to the cloud. In order to make the most of the business’ data, one needs to rethink their strategy and vision for data.

The company’s approach to driving value from customers’ data is to modernize, manage, and monetize. 

Businesses need to harness the power of emerging technologies, processes, and people in order to get ahead of the competition, the company maintains.

At the same time, modernizing is not just about adopting the latest tools, but also rethinking one’s approach to data management. One needs to have a clear direction and business goals, which should then be used to form the strategy and make informed decisions.

Once the organization has formed its strategy, it needs to be supported with secure data management. According to Agile Solutions, data management needs the following essential elements: data quality; data governance; data lineage; technology; agility, and; accessibility.

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Finally, in order to monetize data, the organization needs to exploit it and convert it into a commercial differentiator, the company says. Monetizing data can take the form of identifying new revenue streams. At the same time, it could also be using it to reduce operational costs and overheads.

“Wherever you currently are on your Data Journey,” says an Agile spokesperson, “we know the next steps you need to take to increase the value of your key data assets, open new doors and keep delivering a strong ROI to your business, and your customers.”

Founded by Owen Lewis and Steve Whiting, Agile Solutions was formed with the goal of delivering “real, data-driven client value.” The team is committed to providing true agile solutions that can change direction, scale, and adapt rapidly. To learn more about the company and the solutions it offers, please visit