The Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

    I came across this article on Top Marketing Trends in 2023 by CMSWire. As an SEO content writer, I was definitely interested in what it said. I was even more curious as I’d seen another article in Forbes on the same topic.

    The Geek in me wanted to compare the trends these two articles thought would be strong in 2023.

    The writer in me wanted to arm myself with industry knowledge—be a more effective content writer and all that.

    The me-the-person will read anything and this was as good reading material as any, so…

    Anyway, here’s the information, distilled for you by intelligence that is not artificial.

    Top Marketing Trends 2023

    According to the article, here are the top trends of 2023:

    Social Media and Influencer Marketing to Grow

    According to HubSpot’s Marketing Strategy and Trends Report, around 25% of marketers use influencer marketing. This form of marketing currently seems to have the highest ROI. 

    So much so, it’s expected to grow in 2023, with 17% of marketers planning to try it out for the first time this year. And, of the marketers who are already using this form of marketing, 89% are expected to increase their budgets!

    Of course, not everyone agrees with this. Some marketers believe that it’s not influencer marketing that sells but social media marketing. And, influencers are simply harnessing the power of social media.

    According to them, content creators who focus on social media will achieve growth, rather than influencers specifically.

    Local Search Still Dominates

    With the rise of mobile device use, search is slowly becoming more local. If I’m driving and want to grab a bite to eat, it’s easier to look for places in the vicinity. 

    With more people browsing the interwebz on their phones instead of a desktop, it’s only logical for local search to become more important in 2023.

    So, if you want your technology and software business to be found locally, get yourself an IT marketing company (like Geeky Tech) to help you.

    AI-Generated Content to Invade Webpages

    I know I have been going on and on about ChatGPT—how it is being used to create malware and how it is going to change SEO—but it’s hard not to. It’s the hot news of the year.

    However, it’s not the only AI content generation tool—it’s just the most popular. And, for better or worse, it seems like AI-generated content is here to stay. 

    Content generation is a huge part of digital marketing. With AI writing or creating images and videos, marketers will be able to generate vast quantities of content really quickly.

    This will mean that, with robotic content saturating the world wide web, original content might find it difficult to stand out.

    At the same time, it will create a demand for content marketers who can harness the power of AI to create top-quality content.

    Audio-Visual Content Consumption Rises

    Social media marketers already knew that posts with images or videos get more engagement. However, now digital marketers are also noticing a rise in the demand for audio and video content.

    And, it’s not just audio clips and short videos that are being voraciously viewed. Audiences are also devouring live-streamed content and podcasts.

    Another point to note, people no longer want perfectly produced videos. TikTok seems to have created a demand for user-created videos that aren’t professionally edited.

    Social Accountability Is a Factor Now

    It’s been a growing trend but will continue to play a role for marketers in 2023. Consumers want to align with brands that share the same values as them. In fact, 50% of Gen-Zers and nearly 41% of millennials prefer to patronise businesses that support social causes.

    Gamification Wins

    Audiences visiting websites are more likely to stay if there are interactive elements to keep them engaged.

    Plus, it makes a great talking point, which helps in word-of-mouth marketing!

    So, there you have it; the marketing of 2023. These are points you’d need to keep in mind when planning the marketing strategy for your IT company.

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