Designing Digital Products in 2023: UX Trends

    Community by NASSCOM Insights recently released a guide on digital products, complete with projected trends in 2023. 

    The article talks about the importance of user experience (UX) in digital product design and why creating an effective digital product design strategy is essential. Then, it lays out a design process.

    Finally, it talks about digital product design trends for the year.

    But, if you don’t know what digital products are, this report won’t make any sense to you. So…

    What Is a Digital Product?

    A digital product is an intangible item that is delivered and consumed electronically. An example of a digital product might be a music file or video, a PDF, or an ebook. It could also be an app, a software program, a template, or a plug-in.

    If you have the right resources, you can create digital products on your computer. Of course, some products require more technical knowledge than others. But, yeah, they don’t need a workshop, where they are made piece by piece.

    Since the product is digital, you don’t need physical inventory. And, delivery is quite literally as fast as the consumer’s download speed.

    So, if you’re planning to start a business, selling digital products could be a good idea, especially if you’re looking to keep your overhead costs down. App development, for example, is a great way to get started if you have an innovative idea.

    But, as I said earlier, you need to spend time on the UX of your product.

    Why Is UX Important for Digital Products?

    In case you were wondering why UX is so important for digital products, here are some reasons:

    It Enhances Usability

    Users tend to like digital products designed with UX in mind. That’s because UX enhances the… ummm…user’s experience. 

    It takes into consideration how the consumer will interact with the product and removes any potential pain points. The result is a product that is a pleasure to use.

    It Can Improve Engagement

    A well-designed digital product can encourage users to engage and interact with it more and more. And, it can give them a push in the right direction—encouraging them to take the action you want them to take.

    It Makes Your Spending More Effective

    Constant improvement can help keep your product relevant and in demand. However, if you spend time—and money—at the beginning of the design process, you can ensure that your future improvements are less expensive. 

    You can invest in more features instead of trying to get people to like what you’ve already created.

    It Improves Conversion Rates and Retention

    An important part of UX design is identifying what your customers need and want. By giving them a product designed for them, you can get them to convert quickly. More importantly, you will retain them.

    It Helps Your Brand’s Reputation

    So, you create products that are easy to use, efficiently designed, and meet customer requirements. That’s a good reputation to have. Keep doing that consistently and you will find people buying your products because they were built by you.

    Now that you know why you need UX, here are some of the UX trends for digital product design in 2023:

    UX Trends For Digital Product Design in 2023

    According to the report, here are the top UX trends you need to keep in mind when designing your digital product.

    UX Copywriting

    Quick, snappy copy. Don’t bore users with long, wordy essays.

    Inclusivity in Design

    Design products so everyone can use them. Bear in mind cultural differences as well as physical disabilities.


    It’s a lot more ubiquitous now, so use the power of augmented reality and virtual reality to make your digital product more interesting, exciting, and relevant.

    3D Graphics

    3D graphics give depth and detail to your product design. Make use of it—especially since modern technology can handle it without lagging or getting overloaded.

    Innovative Landing Pages

    Hook your audience with impressive landing pages. At the same time, remember that too much detail can be distracting. 

    So, now that you know why you need UX in your digital product design, stop and plan your idea in a bit more detail. And, if you need professional help, you have companies like Luminos Software to help you.

    Good luck!

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