Can Digital Transformation Make the Life Insurance Industry More Empathetic?

    Life insurance is one of those things that regular people don’t fully understand. Calculating premiums is a complex task that takes various factors into account. Then there are different types of life insurance policies, which makes it difficult for someone to choose from.

    Then there are the anecdotal reports of people not getting a payout because they didn’t have enough coverage.

    The thing is, if the beneficiary is making a claim on a life insurance policy due to the death of the policyholder, it’s already a sensitive time for them. If they are told they are not eligible for a payout at that time, it can affect their perception of the company.

    And, it will definitely affect how other people close to them view the insurance company.

    At the same time, insurance companies have to follow rules as well. They have to ensure that the terms of the policy are being met. 

    This conundrum has led to people not trusting insurance companies and “keeping their distance”.

    However, there is an unlikely mediator who could help the industry build a better relationship with customers.

    The Use of Technology in the Insurance Business

    This author has already discussed the benefits of the insurance industry using AI to deliver a better experience to customers. However, digital transformation can be used to improve user experience across the board for all customers.

    In fact, insurance software provider, Zinnia, has said that life insurance quoting software products is not the only way to keep customers happy. 

    The key is to provide great customer service throughout the process.

    The best part is, technology can also make insurance companies show more empathy to clients. 

    However, building a relationship starts much earlier than that stage, so here’s how technology can make life easier for customers.

    Demystifying the Onboarding Process

    This article touched upon how the initial stages of purchasing a life insurance policy are so complicated that they put people off. 

    Technology is already making this phase easier through automation.

    Insurance companies are leveraging technology to allow potential customers to register themselves quickly and easily. They no longer need to navigate through complex options.

    Optimising Customer Communications

    With the rise of AI chatbots, insurance companies no longer need humans manning phones. Well, they do, but a vast majority of queries can be answered using automated responses.

    In fact, if companies invest in consolidating their customer data, the customer can communicate with the company through any channel of their choice without it being disjointed.

    Technology can also be harnessed to customise the user’s profile so they get marketing communications tailored to their needs. That means they get offers and promotions that are relevant to them, and not what they’d consider spam.

    Humanising Payouts

    As mentioned earlier, when beneficiaries make a claim on a life insurance policy, they are already going through a difficult time. The post-death processes of a loved one can take an average of 420 hours across months.

    It makes no sense to make them jump through hoops when they and their families are already grieving.

    Using technology, companies have made it easier for claimants to file claims digitally. Others are going the extra mile by using technology to provide support to grieving families. These include grief counselling, funeral assistance, and logistical as well as emotional support.

    The Tech–Human Balance

    Whilst technology can be an excellent tool, it can never replace the human touch. Insurance companies can use automation and AI to streamline their processes, but empathy has to come from the people. 

    However, digital transformation can be very useful in making the lives of their customers easier. That, in turn, will help mitigate some of the “bad press” the insurance business gets. And, eventually, it might even help these companies build stronger relationships with their customers.

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