DigitalXRAID Highlights the Benefits of a Virtual SOC in Recent Article

    Doncaster, UK — Leading cyber security solutions provider, DigitalXRAID, recently released an article discussing the benefits of a Virtual Security Operations Centre (vSOC). In this article, the CREST-accredited cyber security expert discusses how a vSOC can help businesses protect themselves against cyber threats.

    A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is used to “collect and collate data from across the organisation” and the information collected is used for detecting, analysing, and responding to cyberattacks and threats.

    Since this is a highly technical department, building an in-house SOC is not viable for most businesses. It requires specialised tooling, technology, and security professionals, which can be expensive.

    Also, in the case of specialised cybersecurity professionals, a lack of talent in this sector has led to a worldwide crisis.

    These are the reasons why businesses are turning to managed SOC providers of vSOC.

    However, the vSOC model can have two different meanings, which can cause confusion. The first meaning is a SOC that’s hosted in a cloud without a physical location. The second is when the service is outsourced, which has been referred to as SOC-as-a-service, but which is now also known as vSOC. 

    As the name suggests, an outsourced vSOC is run entirely by a managed security service provider. However, the service acts like an extension of the client’s in-house IT team.

    With an outsourced SOC, clients can take advantage of the sophisticated tooling and technology that they might not be able to afford themselves.

    In short, this service provides businesses with the latest technology and talent for “24/7/365 monitoring of all network infrastructure, systems, and applications.”

    DigitalXRAID then goes on to talk about the benefits offered by vSOCs. The first is that the responsibility for providing cyber security expertise falls to the experienced service provider—a significant advantage considering the lack of available cyber security talent.

    The second benefit is continuous monitoring. According to the cyber security expert, cyber-attacks are a matter of “when” rather than “if” for businesses. 

    For a business with no in-house SOC function, fighting back against ransomware and other attack vectors is challenging. 

    The proactive protection provided by 24/7 monitoring can be especially helpful, considering more and more attacks are happening outside of working hours.

    Since a SOC assures real-time breach detection, clients can expect a quicker response which enables better data protection.

    At the same time, the in-house IT team can focus on tasks that help the business grow.

    In addition to continuous monitoring and threat detection, a vSOC also provides the following services:

    • Proactive threat protection and incident response
    • Deep analysis of security log data
    • Identification and mitigation of the root cause of security breaches
    • Security policy and procedure implementation

    DigitalXRAID provides comprehensive cyber security services, including penetration testing, cyber awareness training, and ISO 27001 certification. To learn more about its services, please visit 

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