Leading Market Expansion Services Provider Migrated to SAP S/4HANA

    DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider, has successfully implemented SAP S/4HANA, reports SAP News Center. This strategic move is a milestone for the company. It is expected to help drive agility while enhancing the company’s efficiency and customer service.

    It took a thorough two-year upgrade process to complete the migration to SAP S/4HANA.

    SAP, the leading enterprise software provider, has been a trusted partner to DKSH for over two decades. DKSH has been using its innovative solutions to streamline operations, efficiently manage finances, and make data-driven decisions. The year-long partnership between both companies is expected to help them deliver their promise of digital transformation to customers. 

    Sam Oh, Chief Information Officer and member of the Executive Committee at DKSH, said, “Data is crucial for DKSH’s success. We rely on processing large amounts of data quickly through platforms that comply with demanding customer service level agreements and strict regulations. We chose SAP to help upgrade our core ERP system to help optimise our operations, get access to higher quality data more quickly, and future-proof the business with automation and analytics.”

    “DKSH is a shining example of a business bringing together highly intelligent technology, a focus on customer service, and a core purpose of supporting the world’s environmental health,” said Paul Marriott, President of SAP Asia Pacific and Japan. “We are proud of the value we continue to create on this journey with DKSH running on a foundation of SAP solutions, all implemented by SAP Cloud Success Services, to help enable greater efficiency and real-time analytics, and support its ongoing growth.”

    According to the report, migrating to DKSH’s ERP system from the legacy ECC platform to the cloud-first S/4HANA system was a highly complex task that required high-level customisation, implementation of industry best practices, and outcome-driven expertise. SAP’s end-to-end tailored services have been marked to guide DKSH through the involved implementation process while helping complete the project over the course of one weekend, ensuring near-zero downtime. 

    As seen in this case, migrating business-critical data to the S/4HANA system is complex. Successful navigation of an S/4HANA project requires a business to take into account some critical factors: assessing data quality and data cleansing, evaluating the volume and complexity of the data, mapping data from the source to the target S/4HANA system, defining data transformation rules, data governance and compliance, and integrating the migrated data into existing systems and processes. 

    For SAP-centric enterprises looking for a successful SAP implementation, consulting an SAP data service expert such as Fission Consulting is a smart business investment. A high-end service with required tools, templates, in-house developers, and experience-tested project managers can ensure the streamlined transformation of mission-critical data into the SAP HANA database for efficient synchronisation and connection. The result is accelerated and successful IT transformations leading to maximum ROI. 

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