Dynam.AI Hires New CTO With Extensive Background in AI and Machine-Learning

    Craig Parfitt has joined the Dynam.AI executive team as Chief Technology Officer. Dynam.AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) software development business that is best renowned for its full stack AI innovations.

    Mr. Parfitt is a specialist in data, analytics, and artificial intelligence with extensive knowledge in AI and machine learning.

    Parfitt, a creator of AI technology, has spent the last two decades building these skills for a variety of consultancy, private enterprise, and government organisations.

    Mr. Parfitt is a technology entrepreneur who founded an AI-led consulting business and created a data-driven, intelligent insurance sector solution.

    His background as an entrepreneur and recent engagement with the Gener8tor venture capital community helped him master the fundraising process and strengthen his worldwide business and technology network.

    Outside of his professional responsibilities, Parfitt often lectures and writes on digital transformation, the use of data, advanced analytics (PA, ML, AI), and technology to influence customer experience and drive corporate success.

    Mr. Parfitt was formerly the Chief Engineer/Architect and Head of Business Development for the GFT Group in Boston, New York, and London.

    During his time at GFT, Mr. Parfitt increased the company’s innovation services in the Atlantic area and ensured that the company’s worldwide delivery capabilities with partners were supported by “best-in-class” engineering processes.

    Prior to joining GFT, Mr. Parfitt had technological leadership, product, and business development roles at Accenture Digital, Carlson Marketing Group, Capgemini, Detica (now BAE Systems), and ACE Group, among others (now Chubb).

    He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, where he also specialised in Neuroscience, Decision Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Dynamic Control Systems, 3D Imaging, Pattern Recognition, Multivariate Statistics, and Machine/Deep Learning.

    Dynamic.chief AI’s executive officer, Diana Shapiro, said, “Craig is the ideal candidate for Chief Technology Officer.” His whole career has been spent building cognitive solutions for a number of sectors.

    He stays abreast of the latest developments in our industry, comprehends the trends in investment and AI, and has more than shown his capacity to create digital solutions that are continually innovative.

    His contacts, independent research, inquisitiveness, and outlook on the future make him an outstanding complement to our executive team.”

    Mr. Parfitt said, “My objective is to attract and excite people about the promise of AI technology.”

    “What Dynam.AI is doing will redefine how I and many other developers and academics see what we previously referred to as ‘cold instances’ The Vizlab platform is ingeniously and intuitively bringing together new technologies that were previously incompatible or unimaginable in the same place, and their real-world focused approach to machine learning challenges is exactly what our sector need. I am eager to begin working with this exciting team.”


    Dynam.AI is an AI software development company that collaborates with customers to discover their most pressing business challenges and then design the most appropriate AI machine learning solutions to solve them. Using VizlabTM, our workbench of machine learning models and tools, and our team of highly qualified ML data scientists, we assist customers in applying sophisticated AI solutions to tough, real-world issues. For businesses interested in outsourcing AI development, please visit or send an email to [email protected].

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