Microsoft Excel Empowers Users with New Features in July 2023 Update

    Microsoft, a global leader in software innovation, continues to enhance its spreadsheet software, Excel, with a slew of exciting updates for users across various platforms. In line with its commitment to providing top-notch capabilities, the company has equipped Excel with a wave of innovative features in July 2023, reports XDA Developers

    According to the article, the latest additions to the spreadsheet platform are aimed at empowering users with greater flexibility, security, and productivity in their data management tasks. Designed to enhance user experience and streamline workflows, these enhancements demonstrate Microsoft’s dedication to continuously improving its products based on user feedback.

    One of the add-ins, which makes Excel for the Web as effective as the desktop version, is the ability to format individual data points in charts. Using Home Ribbon Controls, users can assign different fill colours to each data point in a series. It makes it easier to highlight trends and emphasise key points in presentations, and facilitates chart customisation based on individual preferences.

    The introduction of the “Share a Section of a Workbook” feature for users of Excel on Windows will help revolutionise collaboration for Current Channel users. With this, users can now share a section of an Excel workbook instead of the entire file. This added functionality ensures enhanced security and privacy while collaborating with others. Additionally, Monthly Enterprise Channel users can now easily copy and paste values from the status bar. This feature streamlines data selection and transfer within the workbook, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

    The ability to insert pictures into cells has been hailed as the most thrilling addition to Excel this July. Excel users on Windows, Mac, and Android Insider can now transform images into actual cell values. The images will stay connected to the data even when changes are made to the sheet layout. This new feature is expected to provide Insiders with greater flexibility and functionality. It will allow images to be used in tables, sorted, filtered, and even included in formulas. The potential uses for this feature are extensive, ranging from helping create product catalogues to handling datasets that rely heavily on images.

    Mac users receive an additional bonus with the “Automatic Crop” feature. This intelligently identifies and retains the most crucial parts of an image while cropping out the rest, ensuring visually appealing and focused presentations. According to the article, this feature extends beyond Excel and can be leveraged in Word and PowerPoint as well.

    Furthermore, Microsoft has unveiled a fresh default theme for Office Insiders, boasting customisations to line weights, colour palettes, and a new default font, enhancing the visual experience.

    In the latest Android version of Excel, Microsoft also addresses a long-standing user pain point by enabling quick image transfers from Android phones to Excel, PowerPoint, or Word files on Windows. Through a streamlined three-step process over a wireless connection, users can now move pictures with ease. 

    Microsoft Excel has emerged as one of the leading spreadsheet platforms, serving diverse purposes such as data visualisation, manipulation, crunching, planning, testing, and documentation. It has gained widespread popularity, with over 81% of businesses using Excel to manage and summarise extensive datasets.

    Equipping Excel with new enhancements and improvements each month is tied to the company’s effort to fortify user experiences. Despite rolling out periodic improvements, building professional-looking charts in Excel right from PowerPoint can still feel overwhelming. For example, even the latest versions of Excel lack some types of charts frequently used by professionals, requiring them to take the manual approach. Furthermore, creating Excel charts may seem cumbersome due to too many clicks and the limited formatting options available.

    Opting for PowerPoint add-ins like think-cell is a highly practical choice for professionals seeking to produce visually appealing presentations. These add-ins offer streamlined chart creation directly within PowerPoint, reducing formatting complexities and minimising the need for excessive clicks. As a result, efficiency is significantly enhanced, and time is saved. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Microsoft continues to introduce new usability features to make the platform more productive.

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