First British Interior Design Collective Achieves B Corp Certification

    Accouter Group of Companies, home to Accouter, has recently been announced as Britain’s first B Corp certified interior design collective, reported Elliman Insider

    AGC believes that the team’s commitment to meeting the “highest standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency” on a spectrum of social and environmental issues has brought the company this prestigious recognition.

    “We are proud to be the first British Interior Design Collective to join this community of change-makers, alongside a global movement of people using their business as a force for good,” said Stella Gittins, cofounder of Accouter Group of Companies. “B Corp is a holistic approach for us. It shapes our culture and encourages us to acknowledge our business impact and act. Most importantly, it gives us a framework for continuous improvement, so that every day, we become a little bit prouder of what we do.”

    What Is B Corp Certification?

    B Corp is a private certification awarded to for-profit companies that can demonstrate their deep commitment to using business as a ‘force for good’—whether via community outreach, taking sustainability initiatives, or implementing equitable economic practices.

    Since 2007, this highly prestigious certification has been awarded by B Lab to enterprises that meet the ‘social and environmental performance’ standards. 

    B Lab is a non-profit organisation helping to build a sustainable global economy that will benefit people, the environment, and the world. 

    AGC Hails B Corp Status

    AGC achieved the highly coveted B Corp status in early 2023.

    The company has been evaluated rigorously based on the B Impact assessment criteria. The company scored 83.3, whereas the median score for a business to pass the assessment process is 50.9. 

    When more than 22 million pieces of furniture are disposed of in the UK each year, AGC is unwaveringly committed to balancing purpose with profit by championing environment-friendly materials and long-lasting manufacturing processes.

    “We know there is cynicism around the topic of sustainability for businesses, which is why it was important for us to achieve our B Corp. B Corp separates the green-washers from the good-doers. It shows people that those that really want to make a change, are making a change and that they are willing to operate in a way that puts people and the planet first, and profit second. For companies like us, the priority is to meet the highest social and environmental standards, and do so with authenticity, transparency, and full accountability,” said Alec Watt, CEO of Accouter Group of Companies.

    As part of its effort to better demonstrate its adherence to B Corp standards, the company has formed an internal team headed by a dedicated B-keeper. The team is responsible for ensuring that the improvement goals of the company closely align with its working culture. 

    “Our enthusiastic B Corp team worked together to identify all our processes to ensure we are practising what we preach when it comes to responsible business practices. We now have a village of internal people rooting for change, which makes us a powerful force towards achieving better things as a business. We wanted to come together and step up, and we’re proud to have done exactly that,” stated Gittins.

    Partnering with Walpole, AGC helps the British luxury industry lower its carbon footprint and environmental impact for a more sustainable future.

    What’s Next?

    Joining the B Corp force is only the beginning, according to AGC. AGC is committed to ensuring their improvements are ever-evolving by helping build a more inclusive, sustainable economy. 

    With B Corp certification, the company is aiming to build a global movement for ensuring sustainable development, curbing inequality, and concocting job opportunities with purpose and dignity.

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