Flipdeck® Announces Next-Generation Digital Content Platform

    Today, Flipdeck® of Silicon Valley announced that the Flipdeck Summer 2022 release is now available.

    “The Summer ’22 release is a significantly enhanced platform for Flipdeck customers,” said Lee Mayfield, President of Presentek, the company that created Flipdeck. “We are introducing Flipdeck Full View Analytics so that our clients can truly understand what is working and what is not, as well as who the power users and innovators are. With this information, users become more efficient, content becomes more relevant, and motion waste is eliminated.”

    Mayfield added, “We’re also thrilled to announce enhanced visual impact for Flipdeck Collections.” “Customers can easily package their Flipdeck content to deliver presentations with high impact, tell compelling stories, tailor information to a specific audience, and more.”

    New in the Summer 2022 Release of Flipdeck

    • Full View Flipdeck Analytics (with content metrics and user metrics)
    • Superior card collections (to present with high impact)
    • Reimagined visual decks interface
    • Searchable card and deck databases
    • faster content editing and sharing

    The Summer ’22 release represents Flipdeck’s second generation, which was introduced in 2017. The Flipdeck SaaS platform enables users to quickly organise and distribute their digital content in a consumable, professional format.

    One of the distinguishing characteristics of Flipdeck is that users do not have to move their content. It can exist in any location with an accessible link, such as a website, cloud storage account, social media feed, or video streaming service.

    By organising links to online content on visually appealing Flipdeck cards contained in logical decks, users are able to quickly locate, access, and share content with those who require it.

    This version of Flipdeck represents a significant improvement in user experience. Mayfield remarked, “Flipdeck is already well-known as a visual tool, but this release is simply stunning and incredibly intuitive.”

    This release contains the most-requested capabilities from our customers. We have received positive feedback from Flipdeck users who represent marketing departments, sales teams, independent representatives, and innovative business services professionals.

    Jonathan B. Smith, a business strategist and EXPERT EOS® IMPLEMENTER, stated, “I work with progressive companies in the scale-up phase and highly capable individuals, and I can quickly select the information I want to deliver from the inventory of Flipdeck Cards I’ve created.

    My busy clients receive a custom-tailored collection of visually appealing links to my content. I’ve been able to use Flipdeck to organise my presentation of content to direct my clients’ focus where I need it, saving time for everyone.

    There is a good chance that I have a Flipdeck card that addresses the majority of client-discussion topics, and I can simply flip them a link.”

    Key Enhancements to Flipdeck’s Summer Release

    This enhancement makes it possible to determine which users are active, which content they are utilising, which content is generating engagement, and what is driving this engagement. View analytics for each user and each Flipdeck card, including information about clicks and sends.

    Enhanced card collections: With Flipdeck Collections, you can create a visual landing page for your content. The collections feature allows users to create presentations with high impact, tailor content to a specific audience or organisation, add a video introduction, and more. Collections can now be viewed in a visually sortable index, and users have access to streamlined tools for creation and editing.

    Interface enhancements: The redesigned interface provides an even more visually appealing and contemporary appearance and feel for quicker and simpler navigation.

    The new Search function enables users to find word/phrase matches in card and deck titles, content, and links, allowing them to quickly locate the exact information and resources they require.

    Users can now view all cards in a deck without scrolling. Users can now store selected cards in a visual queue until they are ready to send them or create a collection.

    With the ability to customise labels, reorder links, and rearrange card sections, cards can now be modified to meet the precise requirements of the user.

    Other features included in this release are a “Notes Layer” that is hidden on the back of cards, the ability to favourite cards, and more.

    Flipdeck is a SaaS technology solution that enables businesses to organise and share information in a matter of seconds. Flipdeck is compatible with both individuals and enterprise-level corporate sales teams and provides instant access to relevant content from any device.

    Reduce the sales cycle length. Accelerate the progression of deals through the sales funnel. Learn about user engagement using robust analytics. Warm up prospects prior to interactions with content that sparks conversation. Flipdeck can facilitate it all. Visit to learn more.

    Flipdeck is a registered trademark of Silicon Valley-based Presentek, Inc. (Los Gatos, CA).

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