Geeky Tech, an SEO Agency for Tech Companies, Recently Made a Case for Going Niche 

    Leading SEO agency for tech companies, Geeky Tech, has decided to work exclusively with tech companies. 

    The business started out as a marketing agency for all. However, over the years, the decision to focus on a single industry has led to faster results for its customers.

    By focusing on B2B technology clients, the agency has honed its craft and has acquired specialised industry knowledge that has translated to better outcomes for clients, the agency says.

    Currently, its client list includes IT security experts, SaaS providers, MedTech companies, and software developers, among others. 

    The Geeky Tech team is composed of self-professed “Geeks” who “speak tech”, the business elaborates. That has been the leading reason why the agency decided to focus on the software and technology sector.

    This knowledge of all things tech is also useful when it comes to client content as well as communication, the agency claims. The team is able to speak to clients in their “language”, which also makes it easier and quicker to understand exactly what the client offers. 

    Simultaneously, because clients are comfortable with technology, the agency also finds it easier to explain the technical side of SEO to them. This, according to the agency, leads to better collaboration, where Geeky Tech becomes a partner rather than a service provider.

    The business is quite well-versed in the SEO requirements for B2B businesses. 

    A B2B business is very different from a B2C company, the agency explains. B2C customers interact with websites differently and have a relatively shorter buying cycle. A marketing agency that works with B2B clients should be aware of this difference as this affects their marketing strategy. 

    Similarly, software and technology companies within the B2B group have specialised needs as well. A strategy that works well for another sector might not work well for them, the agency states.

    Since SEO is a part of any B2B digital marketing strategy, that aspect also needs to be customised to the client’s needs.

    SEO, says the agency, requires competing with millions of pages for ranking. B2B clients not only have to compete against existing businesses but also any that are yet to be created. 

    As a result, simply getting to the first page of Google is not enough, explains the agency. The SEO strategy needs to evolve and keep up with the current best practices.

    Focusing on the B2B software and technology niche allows Geeky Tech to have a better understanding of how to plan an SEO strategy for B2B technology clients, keeping them ranking well.
    Geeky Tech is a digital marketing agency that helps B2B technology companies get seen by their customers. The agency offers organic SEO and paid advertising services to clients. For more information on the business, team, and services offered, please visit

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