Geeky Tech’s Marketing Podcast Provides Honest Discussions About SEO

    Geeky Tech, a leading tech B2B marketing agency, believes that if you want something done right, do it yourself. 

    The business applies this philosophy to the services it provides to clients. It has built a team of experts that work on clients’ SEO and marketing without having to rely on outsourced services. At the same time, it also demonstrates this in the educational resources it provides to potential clients.

    As part of this effort, the agency offers a monthly podcast—SEO Unfiltered—that aims to demystify the world of search engine optimisation (SEO).

    The business claims there are several myths about digital marketing. Some of these are harmless, or a result of outdated practices. Others, whilst not harmful, may lead companies to spend money on fixing issues that may not be actual problems.

    However, certain practices could lead to websites being penalised by search engines, claims the agency. These might have been acceptable some years ago, but are not considered legitimate today, the agency explains.

    The podcast, hosted by Genny Methot, the content lead, is designed to educate digital marketers on the best ways to drive results, explains the agency.

    The topics range from broad discussions about how a business can take over its own digital marketing to detailed discourses on why paid ads are important.

    Surprisingly, the main theme of what is discussed seems to be that SEO should focus on the audience and not so much on Google. 

    Since the team is made up of “Geeks” who have spent years understanding the mysteries of SEO and Google algorithms, it is only logical that the podcast features team members who share their knowledge.

    In the podcast’s first episode, the agency’s co-founder, Ben Hawkshaw-Burn, talks about why it is important for business owners to understand how SEO works—even if it’s being outsourced to an SEO company.

    Similarly, in another episode, the agency’s on-page SEO expert, Alan Mansford, discusses the common mistakes that could affect a website’s ranking. The episode is ideal for those who have heard of technical SEO terms but do not understand what they mean.

    Similarly, the podcast has episodes featuring Jo Priest, the agency’s off-page optimisation expert, and Amine Lakaab, the paid ads Geek.

    Bita Jarrah, a senior UX designer for the Canadian Red Cross who was also invited onto the show, talks about what user experience (UX) is and why it’s important.

    According to the agency, the podcast is designed to help clients understand SEO better. At the same time, it empowers businesses and marketers who wish to take ownership of their digital marketing.

    As a result, the podcast answers questions about complicated marketing topics that’s easy to understand for everyone.
    Geeky Tech is a marketing agency that focuses on B2B tech companies. Collectively, the team has decades of SEO experience, allowing clients to get great results. To learn more about the business and the services it offers, please visit

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