Government Collaborates with Amazon Alexa to Relaunch ‘It All Adds Up’ Campaign

    The UK government has inked an agreement with Amazon Alexa to relaunch the highly anticipated ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign. The campaign, which was first rolled out last winter, helped British households slash around £120 off their energy bills. The collaboration between the government and Amazon Alexa is aimed at helping households to access simple yet effective energy-saving tips. 

    John Boumphrey, UK Country Manager at Amazon, said, “With new energy-saving tips on Alexa, you can simply ask for helpful advice on how to make simple changes around the home to help reduce energy costs this winter.”

    Around 80% of families reported implementing at least one recommended money-saving action last year, resulting in significant cost savings.

    In addition, the campaign will provide over three million households with the much-needed £150 Warm Home Discount to deal with winter fuel costs.

    The Alexa service has been made available from 16th October. It can be accessed via the Alexa app (free) on smartphones or via Amazon Echo devices.

    By getting hands-on tips offered by the government, families will be able to drive energy efficiency and reduce their energy consumption. That could lead to a cost saving of at least £100 per annum. Thus, the households who were expecting soaring energy bills would be able to prepare themselves better ahead of the cold snap. 

    “Alexa, give me tips to get ready for winter,” “Alexa, give me tips to conserve energy,” “Alexa, give me some energy saving tips,” etc., are some of the phrases that can prompt Alexa to provide users with energy-saving tips and tricks. 

    Households can also access government-recommended energy-saving tips using online resources through the Help for Households website. This free collaboration also includes a public information campaign, scheduled for later in the autumn. It’s designed to raise energy awareness through billboards, partnerships, and radio advertisements.

    “As we head into the colder winter months with energy prices remaining high, it’s vital that people know how to reduce the amount of energy they use around their home to keep bills as low as possible,” Mike Thornton, Chief Executive at Energy Saving Trust, said. “Public information, engagement, and advice have a vital role to play, therefore we welcome the relaunch of this UK government campaign.”

    The campaign is part of the Warm Home Discount Scheme, which opened on 16th October. This automatic one-off discount is intended to help eligible households in England, Scotland, and Wales take £150 off their winter electricity bill in winter. 

    Even though energy prices have come down by 55% from their peak, they’re still high. Ofgem decreased its energy price cap for the final quarter of 2023. Despite that, a third of families are predicted to face increasing energy bills in the upcoming winter compared to last year. 

    In this situation, low-income, vulnerable households are urged not to miss the £150 rebate off their energy bills this winter. The government has also detailed six low-to-no-cost measures to help families save as much as £100 off energy bills.

    Households are instructed to turn their boiler flow down to 60° C, which has been said could save £60 annually for a typical home. Getting boilers serviced periodically by expert services such as Mulgas could also lead to substantial cost savings. Families are urged to bleed their radiators for improved efficiency.

    In addition, turning down radiators in unused rooms can help get up to £50 off energy bills in a year. The government also recommended washing clothes at 30° C and installing an energy-efficient shower head to lower energy bills. The goal is to help households save on energy costs by making small changes in the way they use heating and electricity in their homes.

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