GXC’s Onyx Private 5G Network Solution accelerates enterprise digital transformation

    GXC, a provider of the world’s first mesh-based 5G private Enterprise network, has announced the commercial availability of GXC Onyx, its end-to-end private 5G network solution.

    The GXC Onyx offering enables businesses to optimise efficiency through Internet of Things and other machine-to-machine type capabilities that enable automation in manufacturing, logistics, transportation, mining, and other industries.

    This offering was designed specifically for businesses that wish to leverage advanced applications and services accessible via a 5G infrastructure.

    The GXC Onyx platform leverages over five years of research and development to connect cellular access points wirelessly in a self-forming and self-healing mesh network utilising publicly available CBRS spectrum.

    The interference cancellation technology enables access to the same publicly available CBRS spectrum for devices. Traditionally, private 5G access points are linked to a core server via Ethernet or fibre optic cables.

    This increases expenses and complexity for businesses that must cover expansive indoor and outdoor areas.

    GXC Onyx’s innovative use of mesh network technology enables enterprises to wirelessly connect access points to the core network, providing a highly flexible and cost-effective deployment option, especially in areas with no existing infrastructure.

    Ben Posthuma, Director of Product Development and Marketing at GXC, explains, “GXC Onyx is a flexible, compelling, and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to advance their business capabilities via 5G-powered applications and services.”

    “With Onyx, we provide the ability to connect thousands of devices across an enterprise in a secure and reliable manner.

    Since the Enterprise owns the network, it also owns the overall network experience and all data exchanged on the network. Once this is exposed to the enterprise, the potential applications are virtually limitless and growth has never been more possible.”

    GXC Onyx is provided as a service, giving customers the option to pay a simple recurring fee to utilise the network inside and outside their facilities.

    Using a single-user portal and a robust network management system, network administrators and managers can exert complete control over the network’s operations and all of its components.

    “Enterprise network management is becoming increasingly crucial in large entertainment venues, warehouses, and manufacturing industries.

    Local cellular providers are hesitant and, in many cases, unable to relinquish control of the network, fparticularly the treasure trove of data created by these next-generation 5G networks, according to Brian Shield, the senior vice president and chief technology officer of the Boston Red Sox.

    By providing the enterprise owner with all network access, control, and functionality through a single pane of glass, the enterprise will be able to use their networks to enable rich applications, fuel data analytics, and leverage user experiences to a greater extent than is possible with existing cellular solutions.

    GXC’s private network solution has been implemented at numerous customer and partner sites spanning numerous industries. The GXC Onyx solution is currently available for new customer deliveries and as an upgrade for existing installations.

    GXC (previously GenXComm) is a company based in Austin, Texas that provides innovative technology for enterprise 5G networks based on a cellular mesh architecture.

    This private network platform offers high levels of resilience, flexible deployments, robust coverage in difficult-to-reach areas, and a robust distributed application platform.

    The company was founded in 2016 to commercialise years of interference technology research conducted at the University of Texas at Austin.

    GXC’s potent technology enables full-duplex, high-speed communication and has the capacity to double the world’s frequency spectrum.

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