HealthJoy Expands Virtual Care Access Through Partnership with Teladoc Health

    HealthJoy is a care navigation platform that helps employers lower healthcare costs and improve outcomes through better benefits engagement.

    Today, HealthJoy announced a partnership with Teladoc Health, Inc., bringing the global leader in whole-person virtual care into its integrated partner ecosystem.

    HealthJoy helps employers reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes through better benefits engagement.

    The HealthJoy app serves as a central point of access for managing employee benefits and medical care. Its virtual care ecosystem offers a simplified, on-demand healthcare experience by integrating to a significant degree with the providers of care that provide the best value.

    HealthJoy makes use of live assistance and app-based outreach to link its workers with the proper care around the clock.

    This is accomplished by using systems such as Teladoc Health, which improves the overall quality of healthcare results.

    The relationship with Teladoc Health will enable integrated access to the nation’s premier virtual medical group for general medical care, primary care, chronic condition management, mental health, and expert medical opinion services. These services may be used for general medical care as well.

    “We’re seeing employer demand accelerate for a bigger spectrum of virtual care products,” said Doug Morse-Schindler, the president of HealthJoy.

    “This is especially true as brick-and-mortar healthcare prices continue to grow and provider shortages continue,” he said.

    “The most significant obstacle that we have today is assisting HR properly distribute these programmes to workers so that they can locate and use care when it is necessary.”

    Through our partnership with Teladoc Health, we are able to provide our members with easier access to high-quality treatment.

    Aside from the care ecosystem, the HealthJoy platform offers integration with an employer’s whole benefits package.

    This may include both wellness and financial benefits, in addition to add-ons from the HealthJoy virtual care suite.

    “HealthJoy is a great partner in aiding employers to provide necessary care, and we’re eager to see this collaboration help even more people find and access care,” said Kelly Bliss, President, U.S. Group Health at Teladoc Health.

    “HealthJoy” is an abbreviation for “HealthJoy is a great partner in aiding employers to provide necessary care.”

    About HealthJoy:

    By linking its members with the appropriate benefits at the appropriate time in their care journey, the linked care navigation experience that HealthJoy provides removes the confusion and complication associated with receiving medical care.

    Its smartphone technology and human healthcare concierge team bring together a number of advantages, including the ability to uncover the finest providers, access to discounts, and virtual treatment.

    HealthJoy’s ultimate goal is to assist its users in leading lives that are both healthier and more joyful.

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