Hybrid Workforce Experts Discus Challenges, Security Basics, Tools, and Human Factors of Hybrid Workforce Security and Productivity

    In a new essay on the eMazzanti Technologies website, a hybrid workforce specialist from NYC explains how to improve the security and efficiency of hybrid workforces. The essay discusses the absence of a security perimeter and many methods to connect as threats to hybrid workforce security and productivity.

    The author advises zero trust, staff training, endpoint security, and timely patching. She goes on to highlight Microsoft Loop and the new Share-to-Stage capability in Teams. She ends by discussing human issues and the necessity to combine technological and cultural advances.

    “Most companies are offering employees more flexible work options than ever before,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “Consequently, organizations must implement strategies to optimize hybrid workforce security and productivity.”

    Below are a few key points raised by the original article,  “Maximize Hybrid Workforce Security and Productivity.”

    Challenges to Hybrid Workforce Security and Productivity

    Due to the fact that a significant portion of the workforce has migrated to a largely distant location, typical security techniques are no longer sufficient. IT can no longer detect and safeguard the perimeter. Instead of an almost exclusively on-premises business network, cloud computing enables workers to access vital resources from almost anywhere.

    The Right Tools Increase Productivity and Security

    As hybrid work has gained prominence, the technology community has stepped up to provide solutions that enable more collaboration flexibility. For example, Microsoft has began providing Microsoft Loop, which enables users to work freely by erasing programme barriers.

    Remember the Humans

    Because the majority of office workers relocated to remote work during the epidemic, employees often reported increased productivity. They highlighted the option to work a more flexible schedule, which enables them to align their work hours with their lifestyles and personalities. Additionally, they noticed the decrease in distractions generated by colleague chit-chat.

    Increased production, however, comes at a cost. Workers eventually developed digital weariness. According to Microsoft data, workers’ time spent in video meetings has more than doubled. And they engaged in far more work-related discussions and emails, including those sent after hours. Much of this contact took place on an ad hoc basis, placing a strain on the work/life balance.

    eMazzanti Technologies Logo (Source: eMazzanti Technologies)

    eMazzanti Delivers the Expertise to Power a Hybrid Workforce

    With a workforce scattered across different countries, eMazzanti is intimately familiar with the difficulties and possibilities associated with hybrid work. As a result, the firm provides both the tools and experience necessary to assist enterprises in striking the right balance of security and productivity in the hybrid work environment.

    About eMazzanti Technologies

    eMazzanti’s team of trained, certified IT professionals rapidly increases revenue growth, data security, and productivity for clients ranging from law firms to high-end global retailers. We do this by providing advanced retail and payment technology, cloud and mobile solutions, multi-site implementations, 24×7 outsourced network management, remote monitoring, and support.

    eMazzanti has been named to the Inc. 5000 nine times, including eight straight years, is a four-time Microsoft Partner of the Year, the #1 rated MSP in the New York City metropolitan region, and the NJ Business of the Year!

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