InstantGMP Inc., a globally renowned pioneer in MES software solutions, is pleased to welcome LaurelCrest as a valued client

    InstantGMP, a globally renowned provider in MES software solutions, is pleased to welcome LaurelCrest as a valued client. InstantGMP highlights how our all-in-one manufacturing and quality system helps this major provider of CBD solutions enhance their operations, give better transparency, and assure GMP compliance with this release.

    LaurelCrest is a family-owned and run wholesale CBD distributor based in Seattle, Washington, with an extraction plant and lab in Oregon. LaurelCrest, which specialises in bulk CBD oils for resellers, bespoke mixing, and white/private label CBD products, also offers global distribution options to its customer base.

    To guarantee that their consumers receive consistently high-quality CBD solutions, LaurelCrest assures that every component is fully traceable and that all products are extensively tested before they are launched. Performing these tasks, offering this degree of transparency to consumers, and adhering to GMP rules via a paper-based system was proving less effective, efficient, and accurate for their team. LaurelCrest’s leadership team opted to invest in a cloud-based production and quality solution to better their procedures and overall client experience.

    “It has always been our goal to reach the highest levels of compliance in the natural wellness industry. We recently completed a state of the art purpose built facility for bulk ingredient and finished product processing. In the process of this expansion we realized that our existing systems do not offer the scalability and transparency that our operations require. That’s when we began a review of the top ten cloud-based MES systems” said Danielle Bernstein, Co-Owner and VP of Sales, LaurelCrest. “However, we were unaware that many of the currently available systems were unable to provide all of the solutions we needed. As we continued to research systems, we reviewed the list of the top ten MES systems and discovered InstantGMP PRO stood out as an affordable, scalable, and completely validated all-in-one system that provides an unprecedented amount of customer oversight. After speaking with the team at InstantGMP and learning about their extensive experience and support they would provide LaurelCrest throughout implementation, we knew we found our solution.”    

    “We never tire of the excitement and joy our clients express when they discover our software and see the solutions it provides,” said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP. “With InstantGMP PRO all-in-one software, LaurelCrest not only benefits from efficiencies and improvements in their internal processes system, they provide their customers with greater oversight and participation during the design stages and manufacturing processes. Plus, LaurelCrest enjoys the advantage of a system with built-in validation that saves money, avoids disruptions to operations, and ensures GMP compliance.”

    InstantGMP is pleased to welcome LaurelCrest and to assist their aims of supplying high-quality products to their clients while maintaining compliant with all GMP criteria.

    About InstantGMP™, Inc.

    InstantGMP, Inc., founded by pharmaceutical industry veteran Dr. Richard Soltero, provides economical all-in-one production and quality software. The firm creates cloud-based electronic batch record software and standard operating procedures for sectors that must comply with FDA manufacturing rules and Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”). InstantGMPTM, as a manufacturing software firm, pioneered accessible, user-friendly electronic batch record software for GMP-manufactured products. The upgraded software from the company streamlines the documentation and approval procedures for quality processes by keeping all quality paperwork structured in electronic format and provides quality checks and workflow processes to make FDA compliance simple.

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