JFrog Brings Canon 2.0 into Action to Revolutionise C/C++ Development; Aims to Facilitate the Build of High-Performance, Embedded, and IoT Applications

    Earlier this March, the leading liquid software company, JFrog has reportedly brought Conan 2.0—a major new version of the open source C/C++ package manager—into action.

    With this release, JFrog is committed to helping developers reproduce artefact builds securely while speeding up product delivery at scale, reported Yahoo!Finance.

    “For organisations designing applications for high-performance, embedded, and IoT use cases, Conan 2.0 gives visibility of dependencies across their entire software supply chain so they can move forward with confidence and peace of mind that their software supply chain is secure.” explained Diego Rodriguez-Losada, lead architect at JFrog and co-founded of “Conan 2.0 was built with and by the C/C++ community. At JFrog, we are honoured to be fuelled by open source and excited to give back this powerful version of the package and binary management.”

    The beta version of Conan 2.0 was released in June 2022. JFrog released the first version of Conan in March 2018.

    What Is Conan 2.0?

    Featuring a new public Python API, cleaner syntax, a new graph model, and new build system integrations, Conan 2.0 facilitates the modelling of sophisticated C and C++ application dependency graphs and software binary packages.

    Conan 2.0 New Features & Capabilities

    This release offers an advanced enterprise-ready package management framework that brings next-gen flexibility and high-end security, offering new custom commands, public Python APIs, and multiple new extension points for app development. 

    With its high-end C/C+ artefact management functionality, developers can create safe and optimal builds with significant enhancements.

    The Requirement Traits, enhanced Graphs, and Package Types help developers comprehend the relationship between dependencies effortlessly. JFrog claims this feature will allow developers to reuse binaries efficiently.

    By incorporating new tools, Conan 2.0 release can enable seamless and continuous integration for large and involved C/C++ projects.

    Lastly, lockfiles allow users to ‘pin down’ all types of software dependencies and tap into better security and scalability. This release provides companies with a solid framework for reproducing builds and accelerating CI/CD pipelines without compromising agility. 

    Conan is a fully decentralised dependency manager that allows developers to encapsulate all artefacts of a C/C++ project while also helping distribute and consume them in other projects. Users can store these project artefacts as a Conan Package that can be searched and accessed via the central repository called Conan Center.

    Brief Overview of the JFrog Platform

    Compatible with on-prem, self-managed, or cloud environments, the JFrog platform helps automate, orchestrate and attest to a user’s pipeline’s integrity across self-managed, on-prem and cloud environments.

    Enabling 50+ tech integration, this leading software supply chain platform ensures effortless and accelerated software development pipeline. 

    For organisations looking to evaluate or optimise their JFrog products, investing in a JFrog software partner like Automation Consultants is a sensible business decision. 

    A high-end JFrog licensing service helps save time and money on procurement while ensuring simplifed software management. 

    Wrapping Up

    In its recent Software Artefact State of the Union report, JFrog shed light on the fast adoption of the new release of Conan among companies dealing with designing IoT, embedded, and edge applications. JFrog registered a 5.2X increase in Conan 2.0 users last year.

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