Leading Collaboration And Productivity Software Now Supports SAFe 6.0

    Atlassian, the leading collaboration and productivity software company, has recently detailed its commitment to framework agnosticism. Supporting all leading Agile scaling frameworks, such as Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), has been marked as part of the company’s effort to help customers drive enterprise agility. According to the company, Jira Align, Atlasian’s flagship product, is a platform purpose-built for the framework. It offers full, native support for the latest SAFe 6.0, including configurable settings for all its essential configurations. The newly released SAFe has been marked as a significant move in helping organisations augment their decision-making and expedite value delivery, enhancing customer focus. 

    According to Atlassian, the latest SAFe 6.0 update is designed based on a Value Stream Management (VSM) led approach, which is claimed to “enable the maximum flow of business value through the end-to-end pipeline”. Besides providing extended guidance on AI, Cloud, and Big Data, this latest release offers in-depth insights into Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). 

    In addition, SAfe 6.0 supports a Business Agility Value Stream (BAVS) that has been introduced to the top of the Big Picture, recognising the significance of driving enterprise-grade agility—one of Atlassian’s notable capabilities. BAVS in SaFe 6.0 explicitly comes with Flow Metrics, already supported by the productivity software giant, according to the article.

    In addition, SAFe 6.0 introduces Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as a framework to help organisations set measurable targets and track progress. 

    According to Atlassian, its Jira Align supports seamless integration of VSM with Enterprise Agile Planning (EAP). The integration allows users to leverage Jira Align’s high-end Enterprise Insights to comprehend and augment the flow of value while following VSM-led methodologies. 

    Moreover, Jira Align’s OKR experience enables efficient and precise milestone management.

    As the modern digital transformation landscape evolves, with AI, cloud, and big data staying at the forefront, SAFe provides strategic guidance to help companies efficiently leverage these sophisticated technologies. Jira Align can capture data points (OKR data, value flow, financial and planning data, and more) across different layers of an organisation. This high-end capability of aggregating complete sets of data points from a customer’s entire agile journey facilitates the quantification of daily work while aligning with SAFe’s latest guidance on flow accelerators. 

    To sum up, Jira Align can seamlessly connect an organisation’s business strategy to technical execution for driving agility across the enterprise. Organisations looking to transform their Agile planning processes with Jira Align are urged to leverage a high-end Jira Align implementation service such as Automation Consultants. The Agile transformations of such services are individually tailored to meet an organisation’s unique goals and ensure their Atlassian tools perform optimally.

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