Large Energy Provider to Receive Continued Oracle Utilities Billing Component Support Thanks to Red Clay Consulting

    Red Clay Consulting, a Gold Level Member of the Oracle Partner Network and a leading implementer of Oracle solutions, today announces a partnership with a large southern electric and natural gas supplier to provide Oracle Utilities Meter Solutions v1 Operations as a Service (OaaS) support for their Billing Component and Energy Information Platform to support their billing process.

    The Utility is a Fortune 500 integrated energy firm principally involved in electric power generation and retail distribution throughout a number of southern states. The Utility serves three million electric and more than two hundred thousand natural gas users in the area.

    Oracle’s discontinuation of support for Oracle Utilities Meter Solutions v1 necessitated the Utility’s search for a support partner for the system. Red Clay was chosen as a partner due to its shown dedication to clients, in-depth knowledge of the utilities industry, and capacity to offer continuing support for a crucial business application.

    Red Clay’s extensive expertise with Lodestar, the previous programme to Oracle Utilities Billing Component, also played a significant role in their decision to pick the company. Red Clay has a long history of assisting Lodestar customers such as EnerNOC, Exelon, Georgia System Operations, IESO, Knoxville Utilities Board, North American Energy Solutions, Praxair, San Diego Gas & Electric, and TransAlta Corporation. Red Clay is particularly prepared to handle the Utility’s Oracle Utilities Meter Solutions, including Billing Component, Energy Information Platform, and Load Profile and Settlement, due to its extensive experience.

    Red Clay Consulting will offer Oracle Utility Billing Cloud and Oracle Utilities Information Platform application support for the Utility. In order to decrease system risk, Red Clay will evaluate its rules language. Red Clay will also increase the Utility’s internal team’s understanding via knowledge transfer. The Red Clay team will advise the Utility on available capabilities, best practises, and how to maximise the benefits of their solutions.

    The Utility was looking for a long-term partner that could contribute to the success of their business by having a comprehensive grasp of their systems and integrating seamlessly into their project team. They chose Red Clay to help their teams due to the important industry knowledge Red Clay brings to the table when implementing transformations that improve the Utility’s business operations.
    The Utility will have access to Red Clay’s system specialists via their OaaS collaboration to assure the continuation of a mission-critical application.

    Red Clay’s Operations as a Service complements internal IT personnel, subject matter experts, business analysts, testing specialists, report writers, and other essential team members. The OaaS teams are comprised of former utility workers, seasoned Oracle-trained consultants, and IT specialists that offer assistance that is customised to the specific customer requirements. Benefits of OaaS include a structured pricing structure, measurable accountability via performance reporting, and the opportunity for a utility’s most valued internal personnel to concentrate their efforts elsewhere.

    “Everyone at Red Clay our customers interact with is an Oracle Utilities expert,” said Jeannie Sargent, Red Clay Director of Shared Services. “There is no first level, second level, and so on. Our customers have true 24/7/365 expert support.”

    About Red Clay Consulting

    Focused solely on the utility industry Red Clay advises, delivers, and manages technical and business solutions based on their clients’ unique needs. Red Clay works hand in hand with Oracle to offer our clients the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible software platform. Red Clay’s strong partnership with Oracle Utilities provides our clients with innovative and proven solutions.

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