Leading Provider of ZED Depth Cameras Announced the Release of its Latest SDK

    Stereolabs, the leading provider of ZED depth cameras based on stereo vision, has announced the release of its newest SDK with its new Depth Sensing software module for advanced robotics and smart analytics.

    The new Neural Depth mode generates a high-resolution, dense depth map with a resolution of 2k. The map can accurately depict challenging environments such as reflective surfaces and areas devoid of texture. In addition, it provides a high Depth completeness with unmatched edge precision for advanced spatial segmentation.

    Combined with Stereolabs’ most recent stereo camera, the ZED 2i, the new Neural mode works indoors and outdoors with a range of up to 40 metres and a 120-degree field of view, making it one of the most advanced depth cameras available for only $499.

    The new Neural depth mode improves extraction, matching, and cost aggregation by combining advanced computer vision with a CNN (convolutional neural network) trained specifically on stereo images. This combination generates an extremely precise depth map while maintaining a real-time workflow.

    “Building an affordable, industrial-grade 3D perception solution enables large-scale deployment of next-generation robotics and smart analytics,” said Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO of Stereolabs. “Our camera-based solution has reached the required reliability and maturity at the right price point to add 3D vision to any machine.”

    Elevating ZED SDK to a higher level

    Since Depth Maps are at the core of every ZED SDK module, users enjoy a superior overall performance, with enhanced Depth Sensing, Tracking, also known as Visual Odometry, Mapping, Object Detection, and Skeleton Tracking, all of which use Depth and benefit from the enhancements made possible by Neural Depth mode.

    Facilitating the development of new applications

    The ability to generate a dense, accurate Depth Map is a game-changer for many applications. The NEURAL depth mode generates significantly better edge segmentation and provides greater stability on low-light surfaces compared to previous releases. It also provides surfaces that are smoother and more uniform for use. These enhancements enable numerous concrete improvements in a variety of applications, including Dynamic Obstacle Detection for Mobile Robotics, Pick & Place for Industrial Arms, and Mixed Reality applications.

    Compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Orin

    The ZED SDK 3.7 has been optimised for the most recent versions of the NVIDIA JetPack 5.0 and Jetson AGX OrinTM developer kits. In this configuration, Neural mode runs at 34 frames per second on the most recent NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin as opposed to 12 frames per second on Jetson Xavier NX and JetPack 4.X. The performance of the new Jetson AGX Orin enables the processing of 3D data from multiple ZED 2i Depth Cameras, making it the ideal combination for autonomous robotics and edge analytics.

    The NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin provides 275 trillion operations per second (TOPS), which is more than eight times the performance of its predecessor, the Jetson AGX Xavier. On the Jetson AGX Orin developer kit, developers can jumpstart their next-generation edge AI and robotics applications for seamless deployment on the full range of Orin-based production modules beginning in July 2022.

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