LeadResolution™ Receives Powerful New Update

    Union Resolute, the leader in sales empowerment tools that pioneered the highly-qualified lead (HQLTM), revealed numerous new capabilities to its LeadResolutionTM platform.

    These free improvements boost salespeople’s ability to handle prospects, conduct outreach, and obtain information to develop a personalised pitch rapidly.

    The buyer’s journey has evolved due to technical and societal transformations in the workforce, such as the spread of review websites and the drive toward more and more remote labour.

    Today, 50 to 90 percent of the sales process is completed prior to the salesperson’s involvement, requiring sales teams to adapt and meet prospects wherever they are on their own journey.

    According to Logan Kelly, Union Resolute’s vice president of strategy, one of the reasons LeadResolution was established was because of the changed approach in which prospects look for solutions.

    The strength of LeadResolution’s HQLs is the ability to nurture these leads early in the process and to ensure that sales time is spent on the finest potential applicants.

    New features have been introduced to LeadResolution

    As a result of artificial intelligence analysing the individual’s industry, firm, and job, as well as current events and financial news, lead records now include news items that may be pertinent to the prospect.

    This additional context enables sales representatives to get acquainted with what important to their prospect, to ensure that their outreach is personalised and timely, and to answer the age-old issue that has plagued salespeople for decades: “What should I say to my client?”

    CallSine, the popular application that gives sales representatives with correct contact information for prospects with a single click, is supplied as a browser extension at no extra cost to LeadResolution customers.

    This contact database will save sales teams many hours; no longer will they waste time preparing to contact a prospect, only to have their efforts go to waste owing to an undeliverable email and a lack of other legitimate contact options.

    The Union Resolute team pays close attention to client feedback, and one of the most frequently requested features in recent months has been the ability to organise leads in the LeadResolution platform in table format, in addition to the “business card” format that the platform previously used.

    This UI modification allows for better classification and filtering of leads, which can be difficult when the platform is quickly filling up with quality leads.

    This table capability also allows users to conduct their outreach from a single page, with adjustable settings. Another time-saver.

    Kelly said, “These features empower our clients even further and further separate LeadResolution from the competition.”

    “Our objective has always been to provide the simplest and most effective outreach tool for HQLs, and these platform enhancements have already been well accepted by the first customers to use them.

    LeadResolution satisfies the requirement for sales teams to ensure they are spending their time properly. In the end, the industry winner will be the one who uses their time most efficiently; we’re about to recognise a lot of winners here.”

    About Union Resolute

    Union Resolute employs artificial intelligence, intent data, and a robust infrastructure to produce highly qualified leads (HQLsTM) for businesses of any size.

    Its portfolio of sales empowerment solutions, including the industry-leading LeadResolutionTM platform, combines artificial intelligence and human outreach to assist sales professionals in concentrating on the correct leads and closing more transactions.

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