Luminos Software to Offer App Development Services to Start-Up Companies

    Leading app development company, Luminos Software, now offers app development to start-ups. 

    The business is known for building digital products on fully flexible terms for its clients. Now, it offers a complete lifecycle app development service to visionaries who have a new idea and want to take it to market.

    The services include helping clients develop their concept, designing the user journey and experience, building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and scaling up with an off-shore development team, the business claims.

    Luminos Software explains that it only hires experienced teams and talent. That is the reason why it can offer clients any tech stack they require. As such, the company offers expertise in Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Node.js, React, React Native, Ember, and Flutter.

    The company also promises unlimited scalability, which allows clients to rest assured that as their user base grows, their app will be able to handle the load.

    Scalability can be very important, the business explains, as start-ups should ideally launch an MVP before they bring out the full-scale product.

    That, the business claims, is its main focus for start-up clients.

    An MVP is an app that has the minimum feature set required to make it viable, the company explains. Since it doesn’t have non-essential features, it’s quick and affordable to build, which allows enterprises to quickly get their apps out onto the market.

    Since the MVP encapsulates the business’ core idea, it helps them identify any issues with their product and get feedback from real users. Luminos points out that it also allows them to determine if the idea is viable or not.

    In short, an MVP can help clients manage their funding and budget better. By releasing a stripped-down version of their product, a company can release a low-cost version, which can be used both for marketing the product to both users and potential investors.

    The funding from this version can then be used to fund further iterations of the product. In each iteration, more features can be added based on the product roadmap and the feedback received from users.

    Luminos also emphasises that since an MVP is a minimalist product, clients often need help in identifying the essential feature set they would need in the first draft. They would also need to prioritise the remaining features and decide when to add them.

    The Product Consulting service is designed to help in such situations, the company claims. Using its expertise and experience, Luminos provides clients with a roadmap that will maximise their investment and help them get the most out of their idea.

    Luminos Software allows businesses to develop smart solutions. The company offers complete lifecycle app development, starting from developing the concept to scaling up. To learn more about what the business offers, please visit

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