Leading Work Management Platform To Equip Its Platform with AI, a leading work management solutions provider, is reportedly equipping its platform with generative AI. It is said to be named monday AI.

    “Developing monday AI is a natural next step in deepening how our customers interact with our software and supporting their ever-growing work processes,” said 

    According to the company, the AI assistant is presently in beta version. It’s in the process of being gradually available to users. During this beta testing phase, expects to make its AI assistant available to selected users.

    The AI assistant is being introduced by the tech giant to improve work management using artificial intelligence. It is expected to help expand the way developers interact with and build on the WorkOS platform.  

    “The AI assistant app features leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to build on top of the platform and extend its functionality through AI-powered applications. The features unlock the potential to further automate workflows and tasks on boards, items, and docs across the platform,” according to mondaydevelopers. has already made a few apps built on its patented AI infrastructure and detailed its plan to make more. While describing them, the company said, “The apps that are currently available were built internally at by a few different teams on a shared infrastructure.” 

    Depending on the developer’s logic, the apps built on AI technology can serve various purposes—analysing data, enhancing workflows, translating content, and more.

    According to the company, the apps built using the company’s AI technology include any of the six features as part of the initial offering. These are Automated Task Generation, Summarize and Rephrase, monday Docs, Formula Builder, Updates creation and fast replies, and Composing and Rephrasing Emails (soon launching). 

    However, the company confirms to make its AI infrastructure available for external developers shortly. That will enable them to develop their own monday AI apps.

    In addition, developers will have the right to select the features they want their apps to contain. At the same time, they will also be able to choose if they want to make the app accessible via marketplaces for other users. 

    As its LLM (Large Language Model) for the AI assistant, the company uses Azure OpenAI Service. Azure OpenAI enables to leverage the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Azure to ensure high-end security with the apps.

    The company confirms that it uses advanced data security measures to protect customer information. The AI assistant is implemented on secure servers.

    Trusted by over 180,000 customers, is a high-end project management platform where teams can arrange, manage, and monitor tasks in a visual, collaborative space. It enables teams to augment team efficiency and productivity by allowing them to customise workflows tailored to their needs.

    Companies looking to maximise their business productivity by ensuring efficient implementation of the platform are urged to leverage high-end licensing partners such as Automation Consultants. By offering expert guidance and support, such services help customise while simultaneously assisting with integrating the platform into existing workflows. 

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