Naylor Association Solutions Launches Naylor Engage App

    Naylor Association Solutions, a leading developer of innovative association tools and services that enhance non-dues income and promote member engagement, has announced the debut of its Naylor Engage App solution for associations. The new application, which is intended to promote member engagement, enhance the member experience, and give organisations with new chances to raise non-dues income, is powered by Clowder, a developer of apps built for community involvement.

    According to Alex DeBarr, CEO of Naylor, the new Naylor Engage App enables organisations to meet their members almost anytime and anywhere. With a dependable platform designed for the modern digital consumer, the Naylor Engage App is a vital tool for enhancing your members’ access to your organisation and generating additional non-dues income via ease and connectedness.

    “The value an app brings to an association and their members is immeasurable – it can increase member engagement, grow non-dues revenue and improve access to essential industry resources,” said Alexa Kade, CEO at Clowder. “We’re thrilled to partner with organizations like Naylor where our missions align so seamlessly – we want to help associations reach their goals in 2022 and beyond, and for many associations this goal can be attained by adding an app to their engagement plan.”

    Naylor Engage App provides convenient access for association members to manage their member profiles and easily access a host of resources through a single sign-on, including:

    • Content, news and educational/certification resources
    • Career center content and job listings
    • Information about events and conferences
    • Member forms and renewal options
    • Other association resources

    Access to these critical resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no restrictions, may help organisations enhance member engagement and retention.

    The Naylor Engage App is customised and white-labeled for any group that employs it. The Naylor app for associations is accessible for iOS, Android, and as a web-based desktop software, with ongoing app upgrades and support from a dedicated client success team. It effortlessly interacts with industry-leading and legacy association management software (AMS).

    About Naylor Association Solutions

    The mission of Naylor Association Solutions is to strengthen associations. As strategic partners to professional and trade organisations in the United States and Canada, Naylor provides a full suite of innovative association products and services that boost non-dues income and promote member engagement. Our services include full-service association administration and online learning. The team at Naylor provides its customers with unrivalled depth and breadth of knowledge and a creative approach to tackling the particular difficulties associations confront. Through its bespoke client portals that give real-time feedback and comprehensive analytics, Naylor also provides vital information. Naylor was created in 1969, and it now serves over 1,600 groups across 80+ sectors. We have offices in Alpharetta, Georgia; Gainesville, Florida; Schaumburg, Illinois; Hunt Valley, Maryland; and Winnipeg, Manitoba in addition to our headquarters in McLean, Virginia.

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