New Open Source, OpenStack Deployment Tool Developed and Launched by VEXXHOST

    VEXXHOST Inc., a leading Canadian provider of cloud computing, has announced the launch of Atmosphere, a new deployment tool for an OpenStack environment. In addition, the company has made the technology open source for the benefit of all infrastructure-as-a-service cloud platform users. A few days prior to the Open Infrastructure Summit in Berlin, where the company is a premier sponsor, the announcement was made.

    Atmosphere is capable of integrating all essential cloud infrastructure components, including Ansible, Prometheus, Kubernetes, and Helm, because it is based on open source technologies. The tool permits the deployment of a cloud that supports virtual machines (VMs), block and object storage, load balancers as a Service (LBaaS), Kubernetes, and more.

    Atmosphere – Need and Benefits

    “We are very excited about the launch of Atmosphere. It stems from a need we identified while working with OpenStack and its various users” says Mohammed Naser, CEO of VEXXHOST. “When speaking to different organizations who are looking to deploy OpenStack, many seem to be at loss attempting to turn all the right knobs to get a solid cloud up. For some, OpenStack configuration can be hard, with many tool options, and a lack of clarity on how to use them. So we used our 11 years of experience using the platform to curate the perfect combination of tools.”

    With Atmosphere, users save a substantial amount of time, as the deployment tool eliminates the need to research and integrate numerous OpenStack components. In addition, it supports high availability controllers and passes the Tempest validation tests, enabling users to deploy OpenStack considerably faster.

    Open Source Nature

    According to VEXXHOST, Atmosphere can serve as a solution for both individual developers and multinational corporations. OpenStack system administrators of any skill level can deploy cloud environments according to their preferences using this tool.

    “VEXXHOST has demonstrated extensive experience deploying the latest OpenStack versions in challenging production environments. With the launch of Atmosphere, anyone can now tap into that accumulated decade of experience and lessons learned.” says Thierry Carrez, general manager, OpenInfra Foundation. “It’s great that such an engaged, long standing supporter of the community and the project has stepped up to give everyone the power they’ve created to run their own, OpenStack-powered public cloud.”

    The tool is tried and true, as VEXXHOST has been using it in their public and private clouds for a long time and recommending it to their consulting clients. By making the tool open source, the global open infrastructure community will also benefit.

    “Open source has been at the core of VEXXHOST’s values since its inception,” says Mohammed Naser. “We’re transparent that different open source communities have helped us get to where we are and we thought that this would be a great way to give back. Also, if you feel like contributing to this tool, we welcome you to do so,” he adds.

    In the ever-evolving world of cloud computing, the VEXXHOST team is committed to collective technological growth, as evidenced by the launch of Atmosphere and the open-sourcing of the tool. This action is consistent with the company’s mission to provide community-focused, efficient, and secure services. The source code and documentation of Atmosphere are accessible to users.

    About VEXXHOST

    VEXXHOST Inc., founded in 2006, is a Canadian cloud computing provider that offers its customers OpenStack-powered public cloud, private cloud, and consulting services. From small businesses to governments in more than 150 countries, VEXXHOST provides clients with high-level expertise to optimise their cloud infrastructure.

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