New Partnership Formed by OneSky Which Is Set to Expand Proven Uncrewed Traffic Management Solutions within India

    OneSky is delighted to announce a collaboration with ITGlobe, a global authority on aeronautical engineering and design. As a result, OneSky’s proven uncrewed traffic management system (UTM) solutions will now be available exclusively through ITGlobe, who is committed to enabling the safe integration of UAS operations and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations within the Indian national airspace for all stakeholders.

    The collaboration between OneSky and ITGlobe is especially essential in India, where drones are being integrated into the current infrastructure. The UTM services provided by OneSky provide a collaborative ecosystem of real-time airspace status. The OneSky UTM enables airspace authorities to easily register, identify, track, monitor, and manage UAS activities and all forms of restricted flight zones in real time. ITGlobe has gained competence in integrating the OneSky UTM in India.

    Gp Capt (Retd) MM Rao, Vice President of Security Solutions at ITGlobe, stated, “Across India, there has been an increased use of remotely piloted vehicles for a range of activities, both civil and military, leading to a crowded environment in any given volume of airspace. The increased density of traffic calls for a need for increased vigilance to safety and to enhance freedom of action for the assets. Regulating traffic is aided by a digital platform that can integrate these uncrewed systems activities and provide a comprehensive situational awareness picture to the regulatory authorities while increasing the efficiency for exploitation of every inch of the airspace to achieve military objectives.”

    Bob Hammett, CEO of OneSky said, “We are excited to be working with our partners at ITGlobe. We have a proven relationship with them from our years working together at Analytical Graphics, Inc., and appreciate that shared heritage. Uncrewed systems are incredibly important for both civil and military missions. Our UTM helps ensure the safe, efficient, and effective integration of these new airspace operators into the Indian airspace. We are delighted to have a partner as capable as ITGlobe to help us deploy our UTM solutions in India.”

    About OneSky

    OneSky is a worldwide UTM firm that creates solutions for airspace evaluation, operations, and traffic management for the aviation sector. Our mission is to harmonise the sky by providing all airspace users with safe, efficient, and scalable access. We adopt a long-term and comprehensive approach to UTM, anticipating the issues that may arise once traffic management is standardised for all operators. We understand the specific problems of this ecosystem and support the community’s crucial requirements by collaborating with all parties – drone operators, drone manufacturers, and airspace regulators.

    About ITGlobe

    Our continual goal is to offer new cutting-edge technology to our clients, addressing the supply gap of high-tech solutions in the Indian Aerospace and Defense sector. ITGlobe assists customers by combining marketing and technological knowledge. Customers rely on us to solve complicated technical challenges such as physics and geometrical simulations, analysis, and modelling. Our ability to form symbiotic ties with the industry’s best suppliers of products and services enables us to go a long way toward meeting clients’ tight timetables and demanding business demands.

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