New Solution by Modern Campus Aids In Meeting Enrolment and Engagement Goals+

    Modern Campus, the premier platform for modern student engagement in higher education, has announced the introduction and public availability of Signal Vine Playbook for Stop Outs, their new solution for improving enrolment.

    The Signal Vine Playbook is the first in a series of resources launched by Modern Campus to assist schools and institutions in achieving their enrollment and engagement objectives. The Signal Vine Playbook for Stop Outs provides prefabricated text messages sent through conversational texting to students who were previously enrolled but have not graduated.

    Retention is mission-critical for contemporary higher education institutions. 39 million people left American colleges and institutions without graduating. According to the National Student Clearinghouse, more over 25 percent of first-year students do not return for their sophomore year. At community colleges, the issues of persistence are much greater, with 41 percent of students dropping out after their first year.

    The Signal Vine Playbook for Stop Outs was created by Signal Vine professionals with direct expertise in higher education administration, whose work focuses on engaging students via innovative channels. In addition, the playbook has previously proven successful in many trials, resulting in over $2 million in additional revenue at one school and a 400% increase in enrolment at another.

    “Students are on their phones. With nuanced text messaging and a clean re-enrolment process, we quickly supported students in their desire to return and complete their credential,” said Allison Dering, director of enrolment management and financial aid at SOWELA Technical Community College, where they leveraged the playbook to re-engage students and generated over $170,000 in tuition as a result. “Texting was incrementally less work and had a much higher ROI in terms of time, dollars, and staff engagement.”

    “Higher education is facing an enrolment and persistence crisis. There are 1.4 million fewer students enrolled today than there were in 2019, and student debt is continuing to spiral,” said Reuben Pressman, chief product officer at Modern Campus. “The Signal Vine Playbook for Stop Outs is a critical resource—backed by research—designed to help colleges and universities support their learners by identifying their challenges early and by reducing their barriers to returning and completing their education.”

    In the next months, Modern Campus hopes to offer more Playbooks to aid universities in engaging their students efficiently and effectively.

    More About Modern Campus

    Modern Campus is fascinated with allowing its more than 1,800 clients in higher education to succeed when dramatic change is necessary in response to declining student enrolments and income, growing expenses, crushing student debt, and administrative complexity.

    Modern Campus’s engagement platform enables solutions for non-traditional student administration, online content management, catalogue and curriculum management, student engagement and development, conversational text messaging, career paths, campus maps, and virtual tours. Innovative institutions are able to construct a learner-to-earner lifecycle that engages contemporary learners for life, while providing modern administrators with the tools necessary to simplify operations and promote high efficiency.

    Modern Campus Conversational Text Messaging (Signal Vine) enables institutions to effectively engage learners at scale through a platform that combines data-driven insights, artificial intelligence, and comprehensive one-to-many and one-to-one communication, thereby innovating and enhancing campus communication.

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