New Study by Idego Group Finds 64% of People Have a Positive Opinion About Software Developers

    According to a recent industry research conducted by the Idego Group, 64% of regular people have a favourable perception of software engineers.

    Additionally, the study revealed that the popular idea that software engineers are introverts who have difficulty communicating with others is a misconception.

    Software developers are responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and developing computer applications. Some create new mobile or desktop apps, while others create the core operating systems. In any case, software engineers discover user requirements, create programmes, test and enhance new software.

    The Idego Group surveyed 752 US individuals of various ages, genders, and economic levels, with the exception of software engineers. In February 2022, an online poll was performed.

    Opinions on software developers in general: 30% of people have no opinion about software developers. Among those who do have an opinion, 62 percent have a favorable perspective, while just 12 percent voiced unfavorable sentiments.

    Software engineers are seen as clever and intelligent by 42% of individuals, and as excellent by 17%. Additionally, many respondents see developers as skilled and detail-oriented.

    7.8 percent of respondents believe software engineers are required in society, and 5.7 percent believe they are hardworking. Additionally, statements such as “They are the backbone of my future.” or “I believe they are a vital element of a technologically advanced society.” are prevalent.

    Understanding what they do: Almost one-quarter of respondents think developers can hack into a social network account, although the majority are doubtful, and one-fifth believe developers can fix a computer. Contrary to popular belief, such as in films, only around 4.1 percent of the general public believes software engineers are introverts, whereas 4.3 percent believe they are geeks. By contrast, 28% believe software engineers are communicative.

    Interested readers can view the full results by clicking here.

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