Orbotic Systems Showcases New Space Debris Cleaning Technology

    Today, Orbotic Systems announced the successful launch of the De-orbit Drag Device (D3) on the SpaceX Falcon 9 mission CRS-25.

    The D3, which was created in collaboration with NASA and the University of Florida, can manoeuvre and deorbit a satellite without the use of hazardous rocket fuel.

    This significant milestone for Orbotic Systems will provide a cost-effective solution for satellite deorbiting and manoeuvring.

    Tackling the problem of space junk

    The removal of dead satellites at the conclusion of their mission is essential for maintaining a safe and clean space for everyone.

    “The D3 is revolutionary technology that enables satellites to avoid debris, manoeuvre without propellant, and de-orbit at the conclusion of their mission,” explains Erik T. Long, CEO of Orbotic Systems.

    The D3 will prevent the space debris problem from ever occurring.

    This highly anticipated launch’s success follows a string of recent achievements by Orbotic Systems, including:

    The software and hardware architecture of machine learning for space situational awareness.
    Success with Shape Metal Alloy (SMA) for CubeSat actuators.

    In 2020 and 2021, NASA will negotiate multiple licence agreements for its cutting-edge technologies.
    “After nearly two years of concerted effort, we are prepared to release our first space debris mitigation product…”

    “…Our unmatched and exclusive D3 technology will enable satellite operators to manoeuvre, orient, and de-orbit their spacecraft without the use of explosive propellants. The D3 performs 80% of the functions of rockets at 10% of the cost.”

    Orbotic Systems was founded to combat the expanding threat posed by space debris. Orbotic Systems was established after business and technical solutions were investigated.

    Orbotic Systems’ mission is to advance human progress in space using innovative business practises and cutting-edge technology.

    In 2021, Aerospace & Defense Review ranked Orbotic Systems among the top ten satellite solution providers.

    The D3 was one of five winners in the aerospace category of the “Create the Future” competition held in 2021.

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