PathFactory Content Intelligence for the Purpose of Revenue Generation

    PathFactory today announced the release of its next-generation PathFactory for Revenue Enablement, which bridges the divide between marketing and sales by enabling sellers to create unique purchasing experiences at scale using marketing-curated content. BDRs, AEs, and field marketers are now provided with critical first-party purchasing signals to assist them in better understanding their consumers and recommending next best steps to complete sales faster.

    PathFactory for Revenue Enablement minimises friction between customers and sellers by eliminating the guesswork that merchants normally experience when attempting to ascertain the buyer’s desires. By using actual, near-real-time content engagement signals, AI-driven targeting, and personalisation, Go To Market teams can quickly provide a relevant, seamless experience in which the buyer can locate all the information necessary to make a purchase choice.

    “A large percentage of the buyer journey is spent on self-education and research from marketing-generated content and managed channels,” Dev Ganesan, CEO of PathFactory, said. “Considering the sales teams’ interaction with a prospect makes up approximately five percent of the total pipeline time, it’s imperative for the sales rep to make that count. Having the knowledge of exactly what content was searched for and consumed by a specific contact or account helps qualify a lead and have intelligent conversations.”

    PathFactory Content Intelligence for Revenue Enablement

    PathFactory Content Intelligence for Revenue Enablement will now allow users to prioritize and focus sales efforts through buying signals provided in real-time by understanding buyer engagement with content across your website, campaigns, and 3rd party content. Not only that, but its content intelligence for revenue enablement also allows for the serving up of unique sets of content for each buyer site based on user behavior or selection, through manually defined rules, or with AI-generated content recommendations; and Match the best performing content journeys to your targeted accounts. 

    Revenue teams can now scale how they connect content to buyers by combining PathFactory Content Intelligence with intent signals and segments from our ABM partners, 6sense and Demandbase, to serve up personalized content experiences. These customized experiences can be shared directly from Salesforce, Eloqua and Marketo as well as through sales engagement platforms such as Outreach or Salesloft, cementing PathFactory as a key middleware solution in the revenue technology stack.

    “Leveraging marketing content and the buying signals provided by PathFactory for Revenue Enablement is a game-changer for our sales and business development teams,” said Brad Gillespie, Vice President and GM of Consulting at Cvent. “Our teams are able to prioritize the most qualified opportunities at the account level and contact level based on their role in the buying committee and their stage in the sales cycle. We’re also able to tailor our follow-up with relevant messaging and content based on what we can see from their content engagement. These insights are essential to accelerating opportunities and are clearly impacting our deals.”

    “PathFactory is surfacing some amazing buying signals that will allow our sales teams to follow up with accounts showing real intent to purchase. They can utilize the insights that indicate topics of interest to ensure the conversation isn’t only timely, but also very relevant” explains Phil Alexander, CEO of Pragmatic Institute. “Pairing that with the ability to deliver personalized experiences at scale directly from the systems we live in each day will be incredibly impactful.”

    Armed with contextual, data-driven insights from their targeted accounts, sales teams can now effectively navigate interactions and drive the conversations that will close pipeline gaps and propel deals forward. It also is convenient for a sales rep to access and choose content that has been approved and published by marketing to ensure a consistent brand experience across the lifecycle. Sales representatives can whip up customized microsites or groups of content that serve a 1:1 or 1:few audience. Coupled with rich reporting and analytics, revenue teams can capture granular content intent signals that identify sales-ready buyers.

    About PathFactory

    Leading enterprise and mid-market B2B companies use PathFactory’s Intelligent Content Platform to accelerate nurture, improve win rates, and understand content performance by delivering intelligent content experiences and virtual events across the buyer’s journey. PathFactory was named the inaugural Visionary CX ISV Partner of the Year award winner at the 2020 Oracle Markie Awards, recognized by Deloitte as one of North America’s Technology Fast 500, and ranked #13 on the 2020 Growth List of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. It was also named a Fall 2021 Content Experience Leader by G2, a 2019-2021 Top-Rated Content Marketing Software by TrustRadius, and a 2019 Cool Vendor in Technology Marketing by Gartner. Visit to learn more.

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