PayBito Partners with a Canadian Gaming Company to Develop an Avalanche-Based Gaming Exchange

    International digital asset exchange PayBito has announced a new agreement with a Canadian gambling firm. The project’s objective is to create a gaming exchange for the organisation. This time, though, the exchange will be based on the Avalanche ecosystem.

    Gaming has made a reputation for itself in the cryptocurrency realm. What exactly is cryptocurrency gaming? Traditional games, on the other hand, are centralised, which means that all objects and experience (XP) earned during play cannot be utilised in other games. By incorporating blockchain technology into crypto games, this dynamic is altered. Players may now utilise their awards and stuff across many blockchain-based gaming platforms.

    The gaming exchange will be integrated with a gaming Metaverse that utilises augmented reality and virtual reality to develop its Metaverse. Users may own homes, native currencies, and inventory on the game platform. This integrated exchange will allow players to trade Metaverse-acquired properties, bitcoins, and NFTs. The Avalanche ecosystem is the first “decentralised smart contract platform designed for the size of global banking, with near-instant transaction completion.”

    Raj Chowdhury, PayBito’s founder and CEO, said at a recent chat session regarding the project, “The technology deployed significantly increases efficiency and throughput compared to other ecosystems.”

    “The platform also integrates a high-end secured interface offering an exciting gaming experience to users of all ages,” he added.

    The Avalanche ecosystem is a free and open-source platform for launching decentralised apps alongside business blockchain installations in a single interoperable and highly scalable environment. Scalability, throughput, and consensus process are all superior compared to Ethereum.

    PayBito has partnered with a large bank in the Middle East to deliver a white label crypto exchange service. The design of the worldwide cryptocurrency exchange has lately received UI/UX enhancements. PayBito has also just updated its asset list, bringing the total to 37.

    PayBito’s ambition for growth via innovation is seen in ventures like these. This is the first project of its sort built by the PayBito development team. It is anticipated to establish the groundwork for the development of a vast array of decentralised applications in the near future.

    About PayBito

    PayBito is a worldwide leader in bitcoin asset trading. A team with extensive expertise in Banking security systems, Cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology built and manages the platform. It is accessible on the web and in the iOS and Android app stores. PayBito’s services consist of a white label cryptocurrency exchange, a white label payment gateway, an exchange affiliate programme, and a coin listing service. PayBito provides some of the greatest exchange rates and security in the cryptocurrency industry.

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