Peachscore and Forecastr Provide Effective Early-Stage Fundraising Tools

    Peachscore is pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic agreement with Forecastr in order to continue providing tremendous value to the startup environment.

    By collaborating, Peachscore are assisting more early-stage companies in preparing for their trip and beginning their ventures on the best possible foot.

    Peachscore is a software that generates a credit score alongside a comprehensive analysis/report for early-stage enterprises.

    The platform aids entrepreneurs in founding, planning, maintaining, and expanding their businesses by offering automatic feedback and recommendations on how to improve and what to prioritise next.

    In addition, the Peachscore engine connects startups with investors and corporations through an automated prequalification procedure for engagements such as investments, partnerships, and product trials.

    The Peachscore platform also helps investors evaluate more ideas in less time, hence increasing the likelihood that more early-stage enterprises will be evaluated.

    Through digitalization and automation, the next generation of startup ecosystem tools will enable entrepreneurs to establish and expand their businesses much more quickly, affordably, and intelligently.

    Alex Mojtahedi, Founder and CEO of Peachscore, remarked, “Peachscore and Forecastr have a similar outlook when it comes to constructing a future for entrepreneurs.”

    Recently, Peachscore launched their new programme, which aims to help early-stage entrepreneurs in a manner that deviates from industry norms by prequalifying startups within one hour and establishing their eligibility for potential investment within seven business days.

    This programme will provide early-stage companies with 12 months of premium access to the Peachscore platform, which includes a thorough risk assessment report and engine-generated recommendations, in addition to a variety of other benefits.

    All of this is made possible via Peachscore’s platform.

    Forecastr is a web-based application that enables early-stage startup entrepreneurs to develop excellent financial models.

    With customizable assumptions, pre-built financial statements, and robust tools for sharing models with investors and stakeholders, the software of Forecastr makes financial modelling easier than ever before.

    Forecastr’s individualised support sets it apart from other modelling applications. Every new client is assigned a pair of expert financial analysts who collaborate with the company’s founder to develop a fully customised financial model and provide best practises and operational decision-making advice for implementing the model.

    With this agreement, they intend to enhance our respective capacities to aid the development of startups.

    Forecastr’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Logan Burchett, is ecstatic about the cooperation with Peachscore. “They are genuinely committed to leveraging breakthrough technology to assist early-stage startups in achieving success, therefore the interests and initiatives of the two companies are quite compatible.”

    About Peachscore

    A universal platform that employs data intelligently to aid and evaluate at scale early-stage companies.

    Peachscore’s objective is to standardise information distribution in a single format to enable all stakeholders in the private sector with a consistent evaluation procedure.

    Forecastr provides founders with an accurate and user-friendly financial model that enables them to properly forecast all parts of their financial objectives.

    A great financial model removes the frustration from fundraising, allowing founders to focus on their core competencies: building and selling.

    The company’s mission is to create a world in which entrepreneurs are ready for everything and can rest easy.

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