Personalised Employee Training Drives Productivity & Motivation, According to Epignosis

    In today’s digital-first workplace, employee engagement has emerged as a critical factor for organisational success. As businesses navigate the evolving landscape, Christina Gialleli of Epignosis, an eLearning platform, sheds light on the importance of prioritising career development and personalised training to drive team motivation and productivity. The guest article, titled “Building Employee Engagement in the Workplace”, was published on SpiceWorks, a global technology marketplace.

    According to Gialleli, employee engagement goes beyond mere performance. It hinges on fostering a solid, comfortable, and trustworthy relationship between individuals and the business. When organisations boast high employee engagement rates, they cultivate enthusiastic and self-driven teams that excel without the need for micromanagement. In fact, EASE, a premier audits and inspection platform, lists several traits exemplified by companies fostering a culture of engagement; employees taking responsibility for their work and results is one of them.

    Epignosis explores the essential drivers behind employee engagement in the modern digital-first workplace, and provides actionable insights to inspire and motivate employees to unleash their full potential.

    “The pandemic has reshaped the way we work, creating dispersed teams in hybrid environments. As a result, engagement has become imperative,” explains Christina Gialleli. “Companies have realised the significance of keeping employees happy, preventing burnout, and retaining talent in today’s challenging job market.”

    Before delving into effective employee engagement strategies, it is crucial to alleviate employee disengagement. Investing in learning and personal development is a powerful way to boost motivation and foster a positive work environment. By upskilling and reskilling employees, manufacturing businesses can bridge competency gaps and create a culture of continuous growth.

    Career development emerges as a critical factor in impacting employee engagement. According to a study by TalentLMS, prioritising career development and offering training opportunities elevate employee satisfaction and overall performance. Training not only enhances engagement but also fuels professional development and productivity.

    To skyrocket employee development and engagement, Epignosis offers some tips to manufacturing businesses. According to the platform’s spokesperson, flexible learning programs tailored to individual needs can be achieved by directly involving employees in shaping training initiatives. Surveys can help uncover employees’ expectations, desired topics, and areas for improvement, Ms Gialleli states.

    Recognising that every employee has unique learning preferences is also essential, she asserts. Surveying employees about their preferred training delivery format—whether synchronous or asynchronous, social learning, or mobile training—enables companies to design customised learning experiences.

    Finally, according to Epignosis, employee engagement extends beyond work-related training. By offering additional training opportunities related to mental health, mindfulness, personal finances, and work/life balance, businesses can demonstrate the their commitment to overall well-being and motivation.

    “Investing in employee engagement is investing in powerful teams,” says Christina Gialleli. “A robust learning and development strategy, coupled with a culture that values individual needs, creates a workforce that is engaged, motivated, and ready to achieve new heights.”

    Modern businesses are encouraged to prioritise employee engagement and personalised training to unleash the full potential of their workforce. By leveraging the expertise and insights shared by Epignosis, organisations can create a thriving workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent.

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