Plainsight Launches On-Demand Platform with Free, Unlimited Data Labelling, Making the Power of Vision AI More Accessible

    Plainsight, a pioneer in proven vision AI, has announced the launch of its On-Demand SaaS platform for end-to-end, no-code computer vision processes and fully integrated features. Plainsight makes production-ready computer vision and real-time video analytics more accessible to more people than ever before, with free, limitless labelling and a $100 credit for pay-as-you-go capabilities. Plainsight is broadening its product line with new On-Demand platform, extending its reach beyond major enterprises and putting the power of vision AI in the hands of all consumers.

    Data scientists, machine learning engineers, subject matter experts, and organisations of all sizes are requesting new methods for managing and analysing large volumes of video, still photos, and other visual data. Until recently, the high cost, multiplicity of tools, specialised skill, and time commitment necessary to design and maintain a production-level system for developing, training, and deploying computer vision models made it challenging for specialists and unattainable for non-technical users. Plainsight On-Demand eliminates obstacles associated with cost, complexity, and exclusivity by simplifying the whole machine learning lifecycle via a single easy interface.

    Plainsights’ turnkey vision platform AI sheds light on the data that organisations care about. Its platform enables the actionability of machine vision findings for enterprise-ready applications. Plainsight accelerates collaboration throughout a company by providing simplified, clear methods for whole teams, including business users, to produce and consume AI.

    The capacity to rapidly and effectively design, manage, and operationalize computer vision systems enables automated processes, risk reduction, better product portfolios, and higher revenue prospects for enterprises across sectors. Simply said, the most critical information about a firm is now out in plain sight.

    Plainsight simplifies business vision AI by providing new methods to study, share, and profit from vital visual data. Plainsight solves challenges where others have failed by assisting the world’s most inventive clients in realising the potential of their data with intelligent, simple-to-use solutions. Our easy, no-code platform enables any team inside an organisation to create, manage, and operationalize solutions. Plainsight enables production-ready applications with meaningful insights and unmatched accuracy to automate processes, manage risk, enrich product portfolios, and expand revenue prospects.

    “Making the power of computer vision easier to use is at the heart of Plainsight’s mission,” says Plainsight Co-Founder and CEO Carlos Anchia. “Organisations of all sizes, in every industry, are already capturing visual data, and many are well aware of its potential to transform their operations. What’s missing—for far too many—is the means to realise that value. The launch of Plainsight On-Demand significantly lowers the barrier to entry for users of all technical capabilities to put their visual data to work today.”

    Elizabeth Spears, Plainsight Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer adds, “When individuals and organisations are empowered to ‘see more’ with real-time analytics for their video feeds and other visual data, they’re better equipped to address everyday challenges and set themselves apart from the competition. With Plainsight On-Demand, all users can drive more meaningful outcomes faster and with greater success than through virtually any other vision AI solution.”

    Users and organisations from a variety of sectors are welcome to get started with Plainsight On-Demand to use the revolutionary potential of computer vision and discover what has been lurking in plain sight. Alternatively, Plainsight may act as an enterprise’s machine learning team. To organise a demonstration of tailored applications and fully supported solutions, please contact Plainsight’s vision AI specialists. To find out more, check out Plainsight.

    The Plainsight and SmartML names and the Plainsight logo are trademarks of Plainsight.

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